Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aphogee Treatment Experience on Fine natural Hair

I have been natural for four years and I have only done a couple of homemade protein treatments. My hair was breaking  and I knew the problem was not dryness. In fact, my hair was "mushy" a lot. When it's wet and it's stretched, it keeps stretching till it breaks off.  I  finally figured that my hair was lacking protein. I was scared to do a protein treatment because I have heard mixed reviews about them.  But I was convinced that I needed it just by looking at my ends and how they break off so easily. So I tried the Aphogee!!!  I watched many videos on how to apply this treatment before I went for it. It was a scary experience only because  the instructions says, the hair should not be touched after the treatment has been applied.

I used Chicoro's advice on applying protein treatment (from her book "Grow it") and of course the instructions from  the Aphogee treatment. The instructions says to use their Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair. I can assure you that I did not use that because it has SLS. Since my hair was dirty, I used  Essentious Moisturizing Shampoo

(review coming soon) and rinsed with warm water.  I then used  diluted apple cider vinegar to clarify, just to make sure I have no build up and to fully receive the benefits of the treatment. Chicoro advises that you braid your hair loosely and apply protein to each braided section. Everyone on youtube that did the treatment left their hair loose except for itsmissheathernicole. I shook the bottle really good (tip: it won't run as much on your face if you shake it and all the ingredients are equally mixed together).I then applied to each section and braided loosely. The reason chicoro advises to braid the hair is because when you rinse it out , your hair will not tangle. . I then went under the  hooded dryer without a plastic cap. If you are going to do this treatment, make sure you have a face towel to keep the stuff from dripping on your face, because it drips. Let me tell you, if that stuff gets in your eye, you will not like it. Oh and it STINKS!!!! I think I sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes. I GENTLY touched my hair to see if it's dry ( you are supposed to sit under the dryer till your hair gets dry). My hair was dry like brillo after 15 minutes (my hair is fine and dries fast). I then rinsed my hair out for a good 15 minutes just to ensure that all the protein gets rinsed out. Once I was done with rinsing, I applied the Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer(that's the instruction given) for 5 minutes. This so called balancing conditioner is crap!!! It is supposed to bring your hair back from that hard state to a soft manageable state. It did not do that. I had to use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque , which I had in my hair for two hours. After I rinsed it out I used the same Shea Moisture DTM as a leave in and my hair was perfect after that!!

Okay, so here is my honest opinion about Aphogee Treatment. It is a seriously serious protein treatment. It made my hair feel like hay but stopped breakage immediately.  My hair fells so much stronger.!!! Although, I chopped off about 1.5 to 2 inches of my ends after the treatment, because I wanted to start all over. It made my hair visibly thicker but very dry!!!!!! That's why it is important to do a deep moisturizing treatment(with no protein) after an Aphogee or any other protein treatment. I think a regular(like once a month or so) protein treatment is needed but I will not recommend the Aphogee on fine hair once the treatment has been done once to remedy any breakage issues. That stuff is so strong, it is scary!! I am sure you can already tell that I may not use it again (it is supposed to be used every 6 weeks). I did reap great benefits from the treatment but the dryness effect can be damaging if you are not on top of  moisturizing the hair. If your hair is not damaged, you  DO NOT NEED IT. It is mainly for people that have done chemical treatments in their hair.

LESSON LEARNED FROM THIS EXPERIENCE: My hair definitely needs protein treatment. My hair is  so much stronger. In fact, my hair has never been this strong ever in my life. I love it!!. I never knew that I needed to apply protein in my hair. I am not sure which protein treatment I will use next, but I am going to start doing a monthly treatment in about six weeks once the Aphogee treatment wears off. I will still be doing my regular deep moisturizing treatment to keep dryness at bay.

UPDATE: I will not be doing a monthly protein treatment. I came across this article which I will elaborate on in a seperate post. We have to listen to our hair. We cannot put our hair on a protein and moisture schedule.  Your hair should be treated with what it needs when it needs it. Wet testing our hair can help determine what it needs. Check out the artcle HERE



  1. So glad your hair is much better sis!!
    I would advice you to test the protein in your hair before applying the aphogee again because it's best when your hair needs A LOT of protein. If your hair does not need so much protein, the aphogee could cause breakage!
    DO keep us updated!
    Thanks for sharing sis!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I did mention in the post that I really did not need to use this again. I had color in my hair and needed it so badly. Then I decided to just get rid of the color altogether after the treatment. So sis, there will not be a next time. That was just a one time treatment.

    On the other hand, my hair is not breaking anymore. I guess I needed it. I just washed it and I did not experience breakage like I used to. I also changed the method I use to wash hair, which is washing in braids.

  3. Coilybella,

    This is the best review I have seen on Aphogee for fine 4a-4c hair.
    I was beginning to think that it was just me!
    Indeed, I had the exact same experience with Aphogee - TERRIBLE!

    We forget so easily that a review has value only if a person has the same hair or situation.
    Raving reviews on youtube and hair forums sent me straight to Aphogee after I tried to straighten my hair.
    It was too much protein.

    I now use Aubrey Organics GBP for protein or a Curl Junkie conditioner.
    The best protein for me though is the UK brand Curl Harmony because it has amino acids that penetrate fine hair.

    Because my hair has started to break and tangle desperately
    despite my no heat challenge for 2 years and protective styles,
    I now want to try your henna.

    I just don't understand how NUPUR is a henna treatment. I don't see any henna in it.
    It looks like more of a herbal treatment.
    Are we calling it Henna because it's indian powder. Sounds like it's a misnomer to call Nupur 9 a henna treatment.


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