Saturday, March 12, 2011

Twist Puff on Fine Natural Hair and a few tips for fine natural hair

 In an attempt to retain length, I do not wash,condition and style my hair on a weekly basis anymore. I now wash, condition and style my hair every other week. This is due to having fragile hair that easily breaks. The more I keep my hands out of my hair the better chance I have of retaining length.

So this is my second week of wearing these micro twists. As you can see, they are pretty frizzy. I tried braiding them up for length a couple of times, and my hair look flat!!!. That is another thing I discovered about fine hair, braiding two strand twists for stretching makes the hair look very thin. I did not even bother to take pictures of my twists after I braided them, as the pictures looked horrible!!!. The bobby pins were effective  for stretching my twists, however, I do not want to use bobby pins in my fragile hair all the time.

How I achieved this style: It is pretty simple. I moisturised with a mixture of water, grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera Juice. I then gathered my hair up just like I would If I were putting my hair in a puff. I used a headband to hold up the twists in place. When my hair was dry (my hair is never completely dry), I played around with some of the twists so they could hang right. I waited till my hair was dry because if I touched my twists while they were wet, I would see little pieces of hair (not a lot, but I do not want any breakage!!!) on my fingers. When I touch my almost completely dry hair, I do not have any problem with breakage. Fine hair is fragile but even more fragile when it is wet and bone-dry!!!!!


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