Thursday, March 31, 2011

My experience with micro twists in a four week period

4 week old twists

Hi Ladies,
It's been a while!!! Life is pretty busy. Thank God!! Well I wanted to do a quick post on my hair in March. I wore the same micro twists for the entire month. I really enjoyed wearing them. I washed them every week and deep conditioned as well. The first week I cowashed them, they were nice and soft, I did  not experience any unraveling matting, and tangling. The second week was pretty much the same. However, I decided  to use a shampoo the third week and that's when my hair said "NOOOOOOOOOO"  My hair got so matted that I thought I was going to have to do a big chop all over again. These were  micro twists that were very delicate. They loved the VO5 conditioner but hated my Curls Curlicious Cleansing Cream.
How I rescued them?
I quickly reached for my Knot today conditioner, which is by the way a GREAT detangler. I applied this stuff all over my twists and let it sit in my hair till my hair was almost dry. Then I separated the twists that were matted and re-twisted them. My twists were happy again, especially after spritzing with my water/aloe and vegetable glycerin mix (more on the vegetable glycerin post coming soon).

Since I have decided to be wearing twists till further notice, I figured I have to take some lessons from my recent experience.

What I have learned this month about maintaining small two strand twists
  1. Do not over wash them.
  2. Use a conditioner to wash them instead of a shampoo
  3. Do not manipulate the roots when washing( the first week, I did not touch the roots and my hair was fine, the third week, I did and my hair got matted)
  4. Do not make them too small.(the ones I did in February were not too small)

This is what they look like before I took them out yesterday


  1. The mini twists work for you. They looked great even after 4 weeks!

  2. Yes they do. I really enjoyed wearing them. I am wearing a new set of twists


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