Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fine Natural Hair is fragile:Part 2

Let's talk about Brushes and Combs

I am a fan of youtube and many natural hair blogs. I have  learned a lot from watching videos on natural hair care. Last summer, I was hooked on this video. I followed each step the video maker made in the video. Why? I felt like she was making great progress with her hair so it would not hurt for me to try the same things that she was doing to her hair.

Okay, if you are a newbie, the one thing I will advise
you about is not going by what others do to their hair. It just does not work like that. There is nothing wrong with that video. In fact, I think the method she uses seems great. However, when I was following those steps I watched in the video, I should have omitted the Denman Brush part. Yep!! A Denman Brush is a "NO NO"  for fine natural hair. I washed my hair every three days last summer and used the brush every time I washed my hair

My hair in July 2010, by the beginning of the Fall, all those ends were gone.

My hair in October 2010, as you can see the golden ends were all gone, this is when I did a trim
My ends were gradually split and damaged, by the end of the summer, I had lost a lot of hair. My hair was much thinner and the golden colored ends were pretty much all gone. I also refused to trim my hair because I just could not bring myself to do it. If your ends are split, please, immediately trim them, because if you do not, your hair will split all the way down to the root, breaking and making you hair really thin. But this post is not about trimming.
So I had to shelf my Denman Brush. I really did not need to use it, my rake comb was doing the job.
I have heard mixed reviews about the Tangle Teezer. I never developed any interest in buying that product after my horrible experience with the Denman Brush. I just did not feel comfortable with how close the teeth were together and sharp their ends looked. Some say that it has cut down on the time they spend detangling. Fine hair does not need that much time to detangle, so there is no need for a product that can potentially split your fragile ends. Curlinikki, a popular natural hair blogger is also a fine haired sister, she had a horrible experience with the tangle teezer. She said it is a wonderful product for detangling but it can damage your ends. She had to trim about two inches of hair due to damage by the tangle teezer. HERE is her review if you are interested.
Eventually, I started to use  just my fingers to detangle my hair and I have also learned watching this video, to use my fingers to remove shed hair. You do not have to use the products she mentioned in the video. A mix of water and Aloe Vera Juice should the job. She basically shows how you can use your fingers to remove tangles even before you wash your hair. I have not been using any comb for the past one month. I can honestly say that I have no issues with tangles after using my fingers to detangle.

Next post in this series My thoughts on popular natural products that may not be efficient for fine hair



  1. I've heard lot's of mention about this tangle teezer, just by looking at it I knew just as the denman brush it wasn't for me and my hair. I've never used either of the two mentioned. Honestly, they look as if they would do damage to the hair (lol)
    Great post thanks for sharing this. Take care


  2. Good for you Zainab, you are a smart woman!!!

  3. Ok, I'm late but I loved this post. I have decided to just say no to the Tangle Teezer. I too loved how easy it was to detangle with the Denman, but had to clean my hair out of it every time. I haven't used it in a while. It seems my hair is getting thinner, I am so frustrated. So I have been focusing on strengthening it as of late. Hope by summer it'll be more healthy...


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