Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Hair this week:small two strand twists

I have to admit that I love to play with my hair. That s not good if I am trying to retain length. In an effort to ensure that I keep my hands off my hair, I decided to twist my hair. I know..
 I did say that I was on a cornrow challenge. Well, I just got tired of updos. To be quite honest, I was beginning to get bored with my hair. So, to prevent myself from doing something drastic to my hair, I opted for a hairstyle totally different from all the updos I have been doing for the past two months.

 My twists are really small. The last time I twisted my hair this small was almost two years ago. I did not know what I was doing then in terms of twisting my hair. I used to borrow hair from the other strand, which we all know that is a recipe for breakage. That's why I could never retain any length.On wednesday, I washed and deep conditioned my hair, using Curls Ecstasy mixed with some Ayurvedic Herbs, Honey and Olive Oil,  I twisted my hair with my shea butter mix which my hair loves. I am trying to get rid of my colored ends, which are almost completely gone. I do not do regular trimmings. I only trim when it is needed.

I twisted on dry hair and then misted my ends when the twists were completed. I like curly ends which I can only get from wetting the ends. My hair shrinks a lot, so I will be using the threading method to stretch my twists later on as the twists get older. I plan on keeping these in till the end of the month.



  1. lovely twists!

  2. I want you to know that you a truly an inspiration to fine hair naturals like myself. The time and effort you put into taking care of your hair is really paying off.


  3. Oh Thanks so much Bunmi. That means a lot to me!

  4. Looks good sis! Your hair looks so healthy! Keep it up!
    Thanks for taking time out to share with us!

  5. These came out nice. Me like!


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