Thursday, February 3, 2011

My hair in February 2011:

So I have decided to start wearing cornrows because the style helps me retain moisture better. I have also changed my regimen a little bit. I have been manipulating my hair excessively lately and that could lead to breakage. To stop my "hand in hair disease", I have decided to start leaving my styles in for two to three weeks at a time. I hope I can follow through.

This is my new regimen
As you can see my regimen has been simplified. When I first went natural, my regimen was similar to this and I did not have any problem with dryness, it was after I colored my hair and started playing with my hair excessively that I experienced breakage and unsuccessful length retention.

 Update: 2/7
I am still wearing the same cornrows pictured above. This is what my hair looks this week after spritzing my hair daily. My hair is not frizzy at all. By this coming weekend(fen 12th), my hair would be due for washing. I am planning to wash these cornrows. Stay tuned to see how my hair came out
Update: I got tired of this style after washing it. I decided to put in micro twists.  I just got tired of updos. I  miss wearing my hair down. After washing and deep treating my hair on 2/15. I stretched it out and put in some micro twists

I did a lengthier post on this here


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