Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daily Blogging becoming overwhelming!!!

Hi Bellas,
I hope everyone is well. I hope everyone knows that I enjoy blogging and honestly I love to share info with others. However, when it's getting to the point that I am struggling to make daily posts and it's taking away from my family time, then it's time to cut back. While I Love the Coilybella Projects, it has taken a toll on my time and energy. I am not sure if you know that I work full time at night and take care of my daughter during the day. I also have a four yr old., besides I am married. I have decided to stop making Coilybella Project posts. It has become so stressful for me. I will still be blogging but it may not be daily. This Blog will still be about my personal interest, God, natural hair, beauty, health and fitness. I hope you understand. Thanks for visiting my blog and being a faithful reader.



  1. Hey Sis! I totally understand what you mean!! Your family comes first before blogging! We are going to miss your projects and still love you!!! I love reading your posts! Please keep it up and don't stress yourself while doing it!
    God bless

  2. LOL!!!!!!, .....Tinuke, you know I understand those are the very same resons why I have stopped, and to be quite honest I'm not sure if I will be returning to AuNaturale. I too am a full time wife and homeschool mother. But, just as you've stated I plan to keep AuNaturale up in hopes it helps other naturals, god willing. I am sooooo enjoying the time away from AuNaturale, dont get me wrong I do love posting about natural hair. But it got to be a bit much. I have put that added energy into my family , my faith, and enjoying my religious community ( i.e. sisters in faith) while continuning to keep myself and my childrens hair, natural, happy and healthy:))......I understand, Tinuke ....Faith, husbands and children come first, I right there with you!:))
    Take care:))


  3. you can always write posts and schedule them ahead of time, that cuts down the stress factor. when you have extra time, write up 2-4 posts, schedule them to appear on diff days, voila!


  4. Hi Tinuke, sound exhausted! Gurrl honestly, I was wondering how you were doing it and where you were finding the time to blog as well a vlog on YouTube as frequently as you do. Your decision to slow down is certainly understandable. Your family/personal life does come first and nothing should compromise time spent with them. I'm happy that you've come to this realization. Good for you!


  5. I understand because it takes a lot of time and energy to maintain a blog, but I hope you will still continue when you have time:-)

  6. Hey Tinuke, I totally understand where you're coming from. I didn't take into consideration all the work it takes to blog often, and keep things fresh. For mewith my responsibilities and with the other things I wanted to do, I'm trying not to just "let it go" but to let it be something I'll do when I have something relevant to say or to document my progress. I don't know how you do it all, and with videos!! But definitely slow down, and when you come back, I'll appreciate your efforts just a bit more than I already do!

  7. completely understand what u r saying dear,blogging can sure take out ur time.Im unable to post everyday I have my hubby,the hse&other commitments that I have to meet before I can even think of posting. I blog when I have the chance&when Im alone at home. Please take it easy dear,focus on ur famil&do get as much rest as u need. Blogging is just for fun&a hobby thing to me. Love ur posts but dont forget abt urself u need time to rest,be with ur daughter&hubby&do othert stuff in e hse. Dont stress my dear,anytime u r able to post is cool some people post 3-4 times a week

  8. Thanks Ladies. I appreciate your comments. I will still be posting but the coilybella projects are not going to be posted anymore. Thanks so much for understanding


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