Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My hair this week: Flat Twists and two strand pins

Okay, so I just learned something else about my hair this week. It LOVES Shea Butter. Shea Butter keeps my hair soft all day long. I usually moisturize twice daily but not since I have been using shea butter to seal. I actually melt it to seal the moisture in since I am wearing flat twists. I also love the fact that shea butter stretches my hair preventing tangles...REALLY!!!!. That is  very big. Honestly, my hair is soft, stretched and super moisturized.  I am not saying this is a staple yet but I like what I have experienced so far.
 Onto the style, I flat-twisted my hair all the way to the back, and put single two strand twists in the front. The ends of the flat twists were tucked pins. I am letting my hair rest from pins even though I believe I use good quality ones. The flat twists are not neat so I did not wear my hair out this week. But I am going to try to perfect the neatness because I love this style. Flat twists really keep the moisture in and stretches the hair.
 Also, I talked about my new ayurvedic herbal spritz, which I have been using to moisturize my hair. I really see my hair looking thicker and my twists look bouncy and very shiny. So far, I  am loving the spritz. Let me just stress that the spritz's pH was measured to be at exactly 4.0, which is within the hair pH range. This pH is the perfect level to help close my cuticles,  resulting in better moisture retention.


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