Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Hair In January 2011

My regimen has  changed  slightly from last month.

This was my regimen in December

Shampoo with Curls Clarifying Shampoo twice a month

Co-wash with Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner twice a month

Detangle with a wide tooth comb

Deep Treat with Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Conditioner(review coming soon) twice a month and Curls Ecstasy twice a month, basically deep treating weekly.
Henna once a month folowed by a moisturizing deep treatment

Moisturize after washing or cowashing with the modified Kimmaytube Leave in

Style my hair when it is 70% dry

Moisturize with a water based concoction (water, aloe vera juice, coconut oil and castor oil) every day, Seal the ends with castor oil (I hardly wear my hair out during the cold seasons, hence no worries about castor oil making the air draw moisture from my hair).

Every other day, I baggy my hair.

I do not touch or try to restyle my hair, no manipulation at all, I accept all frizzes. I am trying to keep my current protective style for two weeks.

 As we all know, our regimens and products may change as we learn what our hair likes the most.  So this is what my regimen looks like this month based on the little discoveries I made about my hair last month. I have incorporated some light protein treatment in my regimen. I really do believe that our hair has to recieve a proper balance of strength and moisture.

My Regimen in January 2011
  • Cowash every week with any conditioner that is within the acidic pH range. I use Curls Sublime Coconut and Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner
    • Clarify once a month with Curls Clarifying Shampoo
    • Henna Treatment at the end of the month followed by a deep moiSturizing treatment(I use AO Honeysuckle mixed with Olive Oil, Honey and Aloe Vera Juice.
    • Deep treatment once a week, every other week with Curls Ecstasy hair tea conditioner, every other week with AO Honeysuckle mixed with Aloe Vera juice,Olive Oil and Honey
    • Detangle with a wide tooth comb
    • use a homemade leave in conditioner after every cowash, Kinky Curly Knot Today mixed with aloe vera juice, coconut oil and castor oil
    • Style my hair when it is 70% dry
    • I use AO GPB once a month when I am not using the Curls Ecstasy(this is a light protein treatment)
    • Moisturize with water, aloe vera juice and coconut oil on a daily basis (this is where I made a big change, eliminated knot today, which is too heavy for daily moisturizing)
    • I baggy twice a week (I was doing this every other day and my scalp was itchy from doing that so I reduced the frequency)

January 1st 2011

I cowashed my hair with Yes to carrots, used AO GPB Conditioner for a light protein treatment and deep treated with AO Honeysuckle mixed with aloe vera juice, Honey and Olive oil. I applied the cream based sealant and let my hair air dry 70%
I then twisted my hair. The next day I pinned up my twists. I have been moisturizing daily with water, aloe vera juice and coconut oil.

Sorry about the picture being blurry. My hair has become thicker, nt sure if it has to do with the henna treatment or castor oil.

This was my hair when I had just twisted it. I did not try to make it neat as I had planned to pin it up

after pinning my hair up

Today, 1/4/10, after spritzing with water, coconut oil and aloe vera juice

as you can see, it still looks the same as when I pinned my twists up, no frizzes
Here is a video demonstarating how I achieved this style

1/9 I cowashed and deep treated my hair again using Curls Ecstasy. I used the Huetiful Steamer(Review coming soon). OMG..MY hair was thanking me. I put in large to medium two starnd twists using Jane Carter's solution Loc and Twist Gel. This gel is not drying . It is moisturizing as water is the first ingredients. I pinned the twists up and adorned the back with flowers
1/16: I washed woth curls curlicious
 cleansing cream, and deep treated my hair with coconut milk mixed with hibiscus,  honey, aloe juice and olive oil. I applied my leave in(knot taday mixed with coconut oil and aloe vera juice). I used shea yogurt to flat twist my hair. I put single two strand twists in the front. I moisturize daily with my herbal spritz (hibiscus, water, and aloe gel). I did not take pictures when I first put the style in but this is what it looks like after four days:

So I ended the month with a much simplified regimen. I also decided to start wearing cornrows for two to three weeks at a time



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