Sunday, January 16, 2011

If you are trimming your hair, how often should you do it?

I dreaded  the word "trim" for the longest time. I have always wanted long hair and since I thought my hair was growing slowly, I hated trimming my hair.

Unfortunately, since hair is always touched, there is bound to be some kind of damage(no matter how minimal it is). Time, the elements, grooming techniques, hygral fatigue and  a lot more can contribute to the weathering of the hair shaft. Take a look at your individual twist or braid, you will notice that the ends are thinner than the roots and middle. That's because the ends are old and have been through a lot of handling and exposure to damaging elements like adverse weather.

The ends can end  up being split and if this is not corrected the the split hair will split all the way down the hair shaft  and break off eventually. The best thing to do is to trim the split ends.

So the question is, how often should you trim your hair? Personally, I do not believe in regular trims(for example, every 6 weeks or so). I just do not believe that you can grow longer hair if the hair is trimmed on a regular basis. If you are taking care of your hair and the ends are not damaged, why would you commit yourself to trimming your ends that you have worked so hard to retain? Does that make any sense?

This is my opinion, I am not an expert but I believe that trimming should be done when it is needed. I trimmed my hair back in October due to my dry colored ends. My ends(still colored) were kind of looking thin again so I did another trim  on January 8th.  This time around, I did not trim as much as the last time. I only looked for the hair that needed to be trimmed. So that's a duration of about three months. Now, I am not on a schedule to trim my hair every three months, but if the ends are easily breaking and are very thin, then it's time for another trim.

What about you? Do you trim your hair, why do you trim your hair and how often do you do it?



  1. i think that hair should be trimmed on a regular every 3 months if it is worn out a lot. But if protective styling is done all the time going longer without trims is cool.

  2. I trim my hair as needed. I am also one who believes in keeping those ends trimmed. Especially, as you've stated if your ends are thin and transparent. Thanks for posting this Tinkue, take care:)


  3. I never want to trim my hair,dont like to do so never did,never will but my hairdresser always trims it everytime I hav treatment or wash of some sort,crazy as it sounds I never notice till i get home and im like wtf lol This year i will make sure no trimming haha

    Great hun,thank u for all ur lovely comments hun,u r far too kind,appreciate it

  4. Great post! Very informative! I agree with you, I do not really believe in trimming the hair so often, only if their is really damage. I decided not to trim my hair at all but I had to trim it last october or so because I noticed my ends were looking a bit thin and well...lifeless (if that makes sense lol). The trim helped and right now I plan to be trimming my hair twice a year. But again, I do not believe trimming "imaginary" split ends.
    Thanks for sharing sis!

  5. Ansley, thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I really think your comment makes a lot of sense. There is no need for trimming frequently if the ends are being protected all the time.

  6. Thanks Zainab for sharing your thoughts. I also believe that thin and transparent ends should be trimmed, otherwise, when handling the thin ends, they can easily break off as they are so thin.

  7. LOL... Sharon, you are too funny!!! Yeah, Girl you have to watch those hairdressers, after it's your hair. Thanks as always for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Hun.

  8. I love what you stated"imaginary split ends". I think that's what some folks trim away. Why trim when there is no damage? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Hun


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