Monday, January 31, 2011

How often do you moisturize your hair?

Is daily moisturizing really necessary? I ask this because I am putting myself on a challenge to wear protective styles month at time. However, when I spritz my hair to moisturize it, my hair gets fuzzy and I experience a lot of shrinkage. I often find myself retwisting my hair so it can look neat. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of  reducing manipulation?. My hands are always in my hair because I am moisturizing daily and sometimes restyling my hair.

When I first went natural, I did not even know about moisturizing daily and I was able to retain length. This makes me think that I may be trying too hard to keep my hair moisturized. I was reading a post here at Healthy Hair and Body. This got me thinking about how much I manipulate my hair.

I usually deep condition once a week if I am wearing a protective style for a week. After I rinse the conditioner out, I usually apply a leave in conditioner to seal in the moisture. I have come to realize that the leave in keeps my hair moisturized for the day but not longer. This is interesting because in the past, when I was retaining length, I used a Shea butter mix to seal in moisture and did not have to moisturize my hair for another week. I did not experience any breakage( and my hair was colored!!!) 

What about you? What is your take on moisturizing? How often do you moisturize? Is your method working for your hair? What do you use to seal in moisture?  Please don't hesitate to leave comments. Your comments will be deeply appreciated!!!


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