Wednesday, December 1, 2010

News Anchor Rochelle Ritchie on going Natural

when she was relaxed
At the beginning of her career, Rochelle Ritchie was told she had to get hair extensions. Like many  black women, Rochelle has worn long  extensions and wigs because she thought it made her look more professional. For many years, she consistently wore wigs and weaves and advanced up the corporate ladder. Today, she is wearing her hair in its natural state.“After years of manipulation, I took the break step of going natural,” she now says on this very eye-opening video segment on WPTV.

After her big chop
 I also loved the report she made about the mother of a young daughter who was getting teased at school for her natural hair, so the mom (mom had straight chemically treated hair) decided to make a drastic hair choice herself.  Oh Gosh, I  was so moved by the little girl's comment at the end of the video.


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