Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Hair this week: Wearing twists for more than a week...yah!!

So I managed to keep my asymmetrical two strand twists  for more than a week. I  co washed them this past weekend and pinned them up. I learned another lesson during my regimen, I cannot deep treat two strand twists with a conditioner that has even the mildest protein in it. I did that this past weekend and my hair was kind of stiff. I had to use the knot today conditioner mixed with some oils and aloe vera juice to soften up my twists. Thank God, I did not have any damage. But I know not to use Curls Ecstasy to deep treat two strand twists anymore. I still love the conditioner but it is best used with sectioned loose hair.  I used Oyinhandmade Shine and Define to slick back the edges, I then used my stocking cap to set my hair. I only used two pins in areas where my hair is too short. I am happy with this as I am not touching my hair(over-manipulation) and my ends are tucked in, helping my hair retain moisture.


  1. u looking gorgeous Diva,ur hair is beautiful,it looks so healthy love it thanx for sharing ur hair journey&love ur makeup its so pretty u know I love that too

  2. Hi Sharon. Thanks for stopping by. I just did a quick makeup to take pics for the


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