Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Hair in December 2010

  On November 28th,
I washed my hair with Curls Clrifying Shampoo ,detangled and did a Henna treatment this past weekend. I wore loose styles for three days and I started to get nervous about what the effect would be on my hair. So, I did some serious Deep Treatment after the Henna Treatment, which I am now doing monthly.
 I am twisting my hair again, being very careful with seperating the two strands completely (if not completely seperated, the result would be tangles and breakage), and I do not twirl the ends anymore. I now figured  that was a major culprit in my hair breakage.

I did an assymetrical look as I was bored with the usual regular twists. I parted my hair diagonally into two sections. The back part was twisted wet as I wanted the twists in that section to be shorter that the twists in the front section. The front part was stretched for longer twists that would be tucked in. I maintain by spritzing with water, coconut oil and aloe vera juice, and I cover with a stocking cap. I also baggy every other day, this reall helps to retain moisture.

Here is a short video tutorial for this style. Hope you like it

My hair was left detangled and soft and supple. The white leave in melted into my hair in a short while

 On December 4th, I  pre-pood with a mix of water, aloe vera juice and coconut oil. I then cowashed my twists pictured above with Curls  Coconut Sublime Conditioner. I did that in the shower. I rinsed it out with water then some more coconut oil(1/4 cup). Then I deep treated my hair with Curls Ecstasy Conditioner. After rinsing that off, I applied my leave in, retwisted the loose twists and pinned my hair up overnight. My hair was tightly covered.
I went to work with my hair covered up. I never wear my hair out in the cold season

Update:12/8:  So I have not been touching my hair. I braided the twists in sections and tucked the ends in. I then moisturized my hair pinned up. Used a stocking cap to set it and this is the result. Love it!!!. I have managed to keep my hands out of my hair and keep my hair moisturized by tucking the ends in.

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Dec 11th:cowashed with"yes to carrots" and ACV, DTed with AO Honeysuckle Conditioner, two strand twisted my hair with braids at the roots
I decided to put them up later on

Update Dec 18th, I cowashed with yes to carrots and ACV and my hair was singing I DTed with Curls Ecstasy mixed with Olive oil, honey and Aloe Vera Juice. My hair was RIDICULOUSLY soft after this deep treatment. I used the modified Kimmaytube's conditioner as a leave in before I styled my hair as shown below. Check out the video to see how  I styled my hair like this

Update: On December 26th. I clarified, hennaed, deep conditioned my hair and put it in medium twists

This is what they looked like on Dec 27th when I put them in

This is what they look like On December 29th. They look frizzy as my hair is moisturized daily
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  1. your hair is beautiful hun,thanx for sharing ur hair tips&journey

  2. No problem Sharon. It is a pleasure sharing my journey

  3. How has your experience been thus far with henna? I'm in the mood for a change, not sure if I want to cut or colour (or both?) - but have been looking up alternatives.

  4. The style is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing with us!! :)

  5. I love it Tamara!!. I already have color in my hair and this just enhances it!!!. The color does not show well on black hair. However, I will not recommend coloring with chemicals(I lost a lot of length from doing that). I believe Henna is contributing a lot to the shine my hair now has. I have very thin hair and I have heard (curlynikki) that Henna helps thicken hair, so I am hoping for that to happen. It is not drying at all, in fact when I rinse it out, my hair feels so soft. It does kind of loosen the curl pattern, which I do not mind. For me, the tighter the curls, the more prone to breakage my hair would be.

  6. Martina CancellottiDecember 2, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    Your hair is very particular!!!
    my name's martina and I come from Italy...I'd like you visit my blog and if you want follow me! I wait you and your tips!!!kiss kiss ^^

  7. Thanks Hun. I will check your blog out

  8. Thanks you and have a wonderful day!!


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