Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My December 2010 Regimen

I hope my regimen stays the same as it is really working for me.

Shampoo with Curls Clarifying Shampoo twice a month
Co-wash with Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner twice a month
Detangle with a wide tooth comb
Deep Treat with Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Conditioner(review coming soon) twice a month and Curls Ecstasy  twice a month, basically deep treating weekly.
Moisturize after washing or cowashing with the modified Kimmaytube Leave in
Style my hair when it is 70% dry
Moisturize with a water based concoction (water, aloe vera juice, coconut oil and castor oil) every day, Seal the ends with castor oil (I hardly wear my hair out during the cold seasons, hence no worries about castor oil making the air draw moisture from my hair).
Every other day, I baggy my hair.
I do not touch or try to restyle my hair, no manipulation at all, I accept all frizzes. I am trying to keep my current protective style for two weeks.

Length Check: I forgot to do a length check before I twisted my hair.  The next one will be at the end of the month



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