Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daughter's Hair Progress


It's been a while since I posted about my little girl's hair journey. She is finally retaining some length in the back of her hair. It took a long time for the baby bald spot to go away. It is also hard to style her hair as she is not even two yet. I have to keep her entertained with Dora to do her hair. I am so happy to report that her hair is doing great. I use Curls products(for children) on her hair and the reviews are coming up soon. This is how she gets her hair styled every week. Yes! Her hair lasts for a week especially since I cover it with a stocking cap every night.

Here is the picture comparing her hair in MARCH 2010 TO DECEMBER 2010
MARCH 2010
DEC 2010

I just recently started to use a stocking cap to cover her hair at night (she is a wild and this is helping with moisture retention and length retention

She does not have the bald spot anymore. I can actually gather sections of hair in the back of her head to braid
 My journey in pictures here:


  1. Your daughter is absolutely darling! Those eyes are so pretty =)! She is going to appreciate you taking time out to record her hair journey SO much when she gets older!

  2. Thanks so much!! I hope she stays natural.

  3. Your daughter is precious ! I thought about getting the curls line for my 5 yr old, I cant wait to hear your review. BTW, I hope she stays natural too :))

    Thanks for sharing, Tinuke. take care


  4. Tinuke, one more thing I've been trying to post my comment since last night ..girl it just would not go through (lol) ..finally it went through...yeah!

    Keep a eye out to see if others are having a hard time, just wanted to give you a heads up :))

    Take care

  5. Awwwwww!!!!! Your daughter is absolutely adorable. I used to do my baby son's hair like the March 2010 picture-before it fell out!! He's growing back slowly, but I cannot wait to style it like that again since I have only boys!

  6. Very beautiful daughter, thanks so much for sharing her journey as well as yours.

  7. Thanks for letting me know Zainab, I will keep an eye on it. Yeah, I really love the curls line, works very for us!!!!

  8. Thanks Hun. Aww, wish I could see your baby's picture. That's one thing, hair does grow no matter how long it takes.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Thanks Tshai. It is absolutely my pleasure. Hooefully someone is inspired and learns something as I am learning too.

  10. Look at her! She's got big pretty eyes. She's gorgeous.

  11. ur baby is so pretty hun,she is too cute&adorable,Im loving her hair and it looks so healthy,thanx for sharing&keep up the good work u doing...


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