Friday, December 10, 2010

Curls Coconut Dream Conditioner

So I have been using this conditioner on my toddler's hair since June of this year. I have to say that I am very happy with the Curly Qs Line. It tested at 6.5. It lasts for a long time as you only need a little bit for any regimen. Before using this,  my daughter's hair became progressively more tightly coiled as the months went by and she got older. Thank God I did not try a lot of brands before I settled for this one. It was an easy decision since I was already using their women's line. Like mentioned, my daughter's hair is tightly coiled  (which was so hard to detangle). However, it is more manageable with the use of this conditoner. It provides INSTANT SOFTENING!!! And of course, detangling is a breeze once her is softened.The slip it provides is impressive. It smells great(like caramel and coconut). I use it for intant aand deep conditioning. It really does what the company promises. It has no parabens, mineral oil and cones. Another great thing I recently discovered about the product is the fact that it can be used as a moisturizer when seriously diluted and mixed with some oils and Aloe Vera Juice. This concoction makes a great moisturizing spritz for my daughter's hair. Her hair stays moisturized for days with  absolutely NO BUILD UPS. Her ends are nice and curly. Her hair is soft,shiny and pretty. I highly recommend this product for girls with thick unmanageable hair. A 16 oz bottle costs $14:00(USD). They also have them in 32 oz value sizes. You can purchase directly from their website or from Rickys if you live in NYC.

Will I buy again? Does the sun shine? Then Yes!!!! I have already bought it again. In fact I bought two this time around. It is a keeper as it works effectively. This is definitely a HOLY GRAIL

What the Company says

"Looking for a rinse off conditioner that provides MAXIMUM moisture and softness for your angel's dry curly tresses? Look no further, Coconut Dream conditioner is guaranteed to soften the kinkiest curl, moisturize the driest lock, and detangle the most unruly tresses. Use after cleansing with Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream. Great for all hair types,including coarse, dry, damaged, and chemically treated kinky, medium or coarse curly hair."

"Ingredients: Purified Water, Cetyl Alcohol (derived from coconut) Stearalkonium Chloride, Cetearyl Alcohol (derived from coconut), Polysorbate 60, Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos Hucifera), Panthenol, Certified Organic Arnica Flower Extract, Certified Organic Chamoile Flower Extract, Certified Organic White Tea Extract, Monoi de Tahiti, Methylheptyl Isostearate, Hydroxypropyltrimonium, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Natural Fragrance,Caramel."

My Hair Journey in Pictures

Daughter's hair journey in pictures


  1. Sounding good! :)) I may give this a go. I've been eyeballing this line for a while. What I use currently is working good for my 5yr old's which is in the area of 3a. I've been using darcys botanicals cleansing creme and, knot today ( with aloe juice, jojoba oil , and any other oil , this recipe taken from kim on youtube) and oyins whipped pudding (review coming). Love the oyin for my girls hair BTW, Thanks a bunch for the review:))

    Thanks Tinuke for sharing your thoughts on this line for our angels. I think I will try it for my daughters as well. Your reviews are always on point :) Take care.


  2. Hi Zainab, thanks for the comment. I may try the knot today on my daughter's hair too. I am pretty sure it will work well with her hair as we have the same texture. I have been hearing a lot about the Darcy Botanicals. It is going to be on my list for future tries


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