Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cowashing protective style: small to medium two strand twists

A lot of us tend to keep our protective styles for more than a week, especially during the winter, however, we also do  a weekly wash, either with a shampoo or conditioner.

So, how do we wash, for example, our two strand twists, without causing any damage to our hair?

First let me refer you to a post I did about a year ago on damaged hair from washing twists   or My hair Story

Now that you have read my prior horrible experience,

Let me share with you what has worked for me  a year after that horrible experience.
  • Prior to washing two strand twists, make sure that your twists are daily moisturized. Remember, water is the first ingredient when it comes to moisturizing your hair
  • During the winter, try to baggy them every other day, by moisturizing and  covering with saran wrap for a few hours (I do overnight treatment). This is optional, however, if your hair is extremely dry, this method helps the hair retain moisture for a long time before re-moisturizing. Your hair should never be dry.
  • Always do a pre-poo treatment before your co -washing or shampooing, I usually pre-treat my hair with water mixed with aloe vera juice and coconut oil. Make sure that your prepoo treatment has an acidic pH  close to that of hair
  • Wash your hair in the shower(with a shampoo that is within the acidic pH range), NEVER bend over the sink or bath tub to wash your  small two strand twists (unless they are big). This action will cause your hair to be against the direction in which the cuticles should be laying down. The result could be very damaging as you can see from my prior experience. I now wash my twists in the shower, while my hair is in the direction in which the cuticles are laying down. Hence, no tangles and no breakage. In fact, I have learned that washing my hair in the shower keeps my hair tangle free and smooth
  •  Do an oil rinsing. I cannot say enough about this method. It has helped me a great deal with those naughty single strand knots. This method keeps your hair tangle free, soft and smooth
  • Deep condition your twists and rinse, again in the shower, but with cool water. Re-twist the loose ones if needs be and apply a leave in 
  • Pin your hair up to keep the moisture in. You can later on wear them down or leave them pinned up
 I am very happy with the result of taking all the steps mentioned above. My twists are clean, conditioned, tangle free, and moisturized. I can wear my protective style for two weeks or more without worrying about buildup, since I can  wash them safely.


  1. I dont wear two strand twist. But I must say I've started bagging my ends ( sometimes my whole head) to my winter regimen and its working , lovely. Great..great tips Tinkue. Thanks for sharing :) take care.


  2. Zainab, I am glad the bagging method works for you. is is aboslutely helpful in helpingmy hair retain moisture. Thanks for stopping by Zainab


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