Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coilybella Project 365 #40

Hi Bellas,

I had completely abandoned the idea of using extensions to braid my hair until I saw this video. In the past when I used braid extensions, my edges fell out. I have always siaid that if I ould put them in myself, I should not have any problems with my edges as I would know how to handle my own hair. 

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My Hair Journey in Pictures
Daughter's hair journey in pictures


  1. So, very true Tinuke..When I use to or even now if I were to do braids. I do them myself even with my girls. And, there are very easy to do ! :))


  2. I want to try these. They look so easy to put in. How do you wash them?

  3. What a helpful video. Thanks for posting.

  4. No problem Dear. Thanks for stopping by.


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