Monday, November 8, 2010

Coilybella Project 365 #1

I am starting  a new thing whereby I will be posting pictures of my hair and other beautiful natural sisters. I was inspired by Jenelly of I will be posting pictures everyday. Since I make posts about natural hair care and makeup, my project will reflect the content of my blog.   You are welcome to submit pictures of your natural hair if you are interested. If you decide you want to, pls provide your name,  a short explanation of the picture and you can leave info about your website if you have one, so I can provide the link for readers to see.. This is for the purpose of inspiring other sisters who wants to wear their hair naturally .

I used an old panty hose to make a puff, then I sectioned the loose hair to make small cinnabuns all over. The front was left out to create a hump


  1. I love this idea ! it sounds great. I cant wait to see those fabulous naturals, in celebration!
    I love this cute style you have here...really cute. Keep them coming. Take care.


  2. Great feature, I look forward to reading about your other readers.
    Love this hair style you created. And those earrings are hot! :D

  3. Thanks Eve. Would you care to be feautured on my project 52?

  4. This is awesome!!!

    I'm touched that you felt inspired.

    When I started Natural Hair Project 365 I didn't have the amount of readers I have now, so most of the features are of me, my products, my accessories, and natural hair celebrities. Less then 25% of my features are of other naturals. So you can make it into whatever you'd like.

    I'll be sending you a few photos for you to choose from.

  5. Wow!! awesome girl. I got your pics and they will be posted on Monday. Thanks for the inspiration and being a part of my project

  6. i think that hair style is very cute ! love the color too ! promoting other natural girlies is a great idea !


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