Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Hair in November 2010

 Update on October 30th, I washed , treated my hair with porosity control and deep conditioned with KBB Lusciuos Mask  on October 29th. I did not feel like putting braids in my hair so I cornrowed it and tucked the ends in.

I also did a length check before I put the corn rows in
Bassed on the comment left by one of my readers, I decided to write some info about the state of my hair before this new monthly update. My hair had tons of split ends during this last summer, I had to do some major trimmings. I blame it on porous colored ends. You should know by now that I have decided to STOP coloring chemically. I use henna instead.

Update:On November 6th,  I cowashed my hair with Suave Coconut Conditioner and D/C with KBB Luscious Mask.  I let my  hair air dry patially and  then put my hair in this protective style
Underhand Cornrows in the front and inverted cornrows in the back, ends rolled to make a chignon

I wore a  fro for a day on November  7th

Update on November 14th

I decided to go another week without washing my hair. My hair kind of felt gunky. I am not sure if I would go more than a week without washing my hair. anyway, I sprayed with water and oil before restyling my hair. I put flattwists in the fornt with a side part and french braids in the back. All the ends were twisted and tucked under with hair pins. I also noticed some unusual shedding at the area where I used bobby pins. I may have to diss pins till my hair is long enough to tuck under without the need to use pins

Update on November 19th
I washed my hair with curlicious cleansing cream and did an oil rinsing afterwards with coconut oil. OMG, my hair was like butter afterwards, but I stll DT with Curls Ecstasy. I applied my homemade (modified Kimmaytube Leave in) and let it air dry in 8 braids. I then two strand twisted my hair with a homemade buttercreme (yum yum).  My twists were looking happy. I know  I said in an old post that I was done with two strand twists but I decided to give them a try once more since I  desire to wear my hair in twist out for the holidays. I have to say that the care I have been giving my hair is making so much difference. My hair handled the twists very well, no tangles, no shedding, and I made sure that I did not borrow any hair from the other strand (this make your hair tangle and break).
So here are the pictures of the two strand twists

Update on November 24th, I roller set my hair with the Kimmaytube Leave in and click this link to see the result


  1. Your hair is looking great Tinuke! This hair mask sounds really interesting, its got my PJ'ism peeking its head out (lol) I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing, take care,.


  2. Your hair are great!! but tell me how you did this color? in the end? and what is your natural color? I want to do the same color!!

  3. Great looking hair. How do you feel about it's length and texture, is it coming along the way you want it to?

  4. Hi Zainab, thanks!! The hair mask is the business. Very sftening, moisturizing and the likes!!! Go get it Zainab.

  5. Hi Ingrid, thanks for stopping by hun. I got it colored professionally a year ago but I do not color anymore due to extreme dryness, hence brittleness, hence breakage. I now use henna to preserve the colored ends. Henna has red dye in it, so it does make my color brighter. But since you are interested in the chemical one, the color is copper brown. I am not sure what brand was used , but pls get it done professionallly and baby your hair like crazy after you get it done.

    Take care hun,

  6. Hi Ms Eve, I was just at your house(lol).
    Well, I am not sure if you read my posts on split ends and how I had to summon up courage and chop off my ends due the damage from coloring and whatever else was going on. So this is like a new beginning for me. the length check was done to help me see where I am starting from all over again. I will be doing future length checks to compare growth.

    As far as my texture is concerned, I love it (I am fearfully and wonderfully made). I have always had fine hair which is good and bad. It is good because detangling for me is a breeze, it is bad because some of the styles I want to wear do not look right most of the time cause my hair is so thin and porous!!. But I am a believer, I have faith and I fight hard, this hair will gro and blossom.That's why I created this blog to encourage myself and others who have the same interest.
    God bless you Eve and thanks for stopping by!!


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