Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MUFE Primer Review;Caramel

Hi Bellas, I am so sorry, I have neglected my other beauty related things that I love and post on this blog. It's due to having no access to my pictures. Anyway, I am doing a review on MUFE HD Foundation Primer , particularly,Caramel, due to the fact that my skin appeared ashy with some of the foundations I was wearing (the foundations are very close to my skin tone).

This is  supposed to be used with their HD Foundation. However, I use it with other brands as well. They have seven different ones designed for different reasons.
0 Neutral-Adds natural luminosity to the complexion

                                                              1 Green-Minimizes redness

                                                              2 Mauve-Counteracts sallow undertone
                                                              4 Caramel-Combats ashiness in medium to dark skin tones

                                                               5 Blue-Adds radiance to fair skin and reduces minor imperfections

                                                               6 Yellow-Lightens dark complexions

                                                               8 Pink-Brightens the complexion and counteracts sallow undertones

My Review is reserved to the Caramel due to my need to correct ashiness as I stated above. I am pleased to report that it does exactly what it claims. As you see, it has red undertones and that really counteracts the ashy appearance look.  What I find amazing about is  that it feels like a tinted moisturizer. I feel like I do not need a foundation after putting this on.The formula isn’t greasy nor is it oily it’s actually beautifully moisturizing and absorbs quickly into the skin while keeping the promise of eliminating ashiness.

The product comes in a pump style bottle. One squirt should do the job but I  use three when I wear it as my sole foundation. I like how it creates a nice flawless finish for my foundation.  It also works as a simple prep for just blush or a cheek stain!

As you can see you can wear it alone, without any foundation

As far as wearing it with the HD Foundation, it seems like it prolongs the wear of the foundation and it allows the application to be smoother.

Overall, I am sold!! I love it.

These are available at Sephora for $35 USD each. 

What about you?
Have you tried it?
Love it?
Hate it?
Wanna try it?

 Leave your comments below, let me know 

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