Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hi Bellas, today, I bring to you a review of my new found love, MUFE Duo Mat.
For a long time, I have always wanted a powder foundation that would not make my face look cakey like MAC's Studio Fix.
 I have been experiencing some major breakouts every month( I guess cause I stopped nursing and I am not are the only times I do not break out). I needed a foundation powder that would not break me out some more and would even out my skin tone. This turned out to be what I was looking for. It is very light and yet it provides enough coverage to hide imperfections. If your skin is on the dry side,  then do not read this. It is very matte. I have combination skin more on the oily side, now (my skin changes every couple of years or so).

The company advises to use with a sponge  which I do at the first application but I buff out with my kabuki brush for an airbrush finish.If you want to use this, make sure that your skin is moisturized but not overly done, otherwise, the application would not be smooth. The moisturizer provides a base for the powder to adhere to and helps your skin take in the powder more beautifully. Be careful not to apply too much around the eye area, otherwise your wrinkles(if you have any), would be emphasized. Also, for oily skinned ladies, you can use this as your regular powder to set  your foundation. It provides a matte finish. I use the darkest shade the company carries, 218, and it seems to be close to my skin tone. 

It costs about $40 USD and was purchased from my local Sephora store.It covers blemishes and perfectly evens out the complexion.


  1. Looks lovely. Liquid foundation actually looks better on me though. And call me weird, but I like the "dewey" look in the summer and the extra oil in the winter when my face is dry. But it looks great on you!

  2. Hi Dear,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I love liquid foundation too, however, I am using just powder now due to my breakouts. I am going to actually do a review on another foundation(liquid), which I have used and loved recently.

  3. Hi gorgeous,
    This blog is so coooooooooool, good idea :)
    Thx for sharing this brandnew foundation ;)
    Do you try the studio fix from MAC? Can you compare them?

  4. Hey Liloo,
    Thanks for stopping by. I used studio fix al ong time ago and I did not like it on me. I don't own a studio fix now so I can't do a comparison. But thanx for followimg and leaving a comment

  5. Hey hun,Glad I finally Ifound u Yay!!!!,had to delete e older address and add u again coz was getting any of ur posts but thanx4letting me knw,I was thinking u werent posting lol anyhoo great review I will defo check it out soon,sad thng we only have 2shops in e UK who sell MUFE and the closest is 2hrs away lol It looks flawless on ur skin,U look beautiful as it

  6. Thanks Sharon. Hope you are feeling better


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