Friday, November 19, 2010

A Denman Brush may not be for you

Denman Brushes are described as freeflow styling brushes also used for detangling. They are depicted as brushes  that can be used with all lengths, shapes and textures of hair and  great for detangling thick hair.

While a lot of coilies find this brush very helpful during their detangling routine (gets the job done quicker, removes frizzes, defines curls..etc), in my humble opinion, I think fine-haired sisters like myself need to use caution when brushes are concerned. Fist of all, when brushes are used, they must be used ONLY when the hair is wet. In my personal experience, my wet hair and denman brush or any brush  equals breakage.My hair is just too thin for the brush. Honestly, my fingers alone detangle my hair very well, that's how fine my hair is. But I still use very wide teeth detangling combs.
The  combination of my fingers and the wide teeth comb produce wonderful results.

During the past summer, I watched some videos on YouTube(people's personal wash routine) and just because they have long hair and were using denman brush, I decided to try it too, hoping that my hair would experience the best detangling technique ever. I was also washing my hair twice a week because I read a book that suggested it. The combo of over washing my hair and using the denman Brush twice a week on my wet hair, plus damaged colored ends was equal
to shedding, breakage, loss of length and my now short hair.

Main Points
  • Just because it works for one coily does not mean it might work for you
  • if your hair is thin, why are you using a Denman Brush, your hair is too thin for brushes
  • Learn to detangle your hair with your fingers and/or detangling combs that are seamless


  1. I'm a fine haired curly too. When I first got mine, even when I detangled with a head full of conditioner I felt like I was ripping my hair out. Since then, I have modified it by taking every other row of teeth out and it works great now.

  2. Great post! I agree I never used a denman brush, nor will I ever. I'm with you my wide tooth comb and fingers get the job done. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.


  3. WOW!! I did not even know that it can be modified. If iot works for you sister, keep it up. Thaks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Zainab.

  5. hey Tinuke ! thanx for stopping by and showing love. I am still trying to figure out what tools work best ! I am doing great with a wide teeth comb ...
    @Jlowman1 , GREAT tip ! lol

  6. No problem Nasheikah!!
    Thanks for stopping by and if the wide teeth is working, if it is not beoken, why fix it? lol
    Jlowman suggested a great tip though, but I am now confident that My hair in it's current state does not need a brush

  7. I'm glad you made this post, it makes a valid point. What's used for one's hair does not technically mean it will work for yours. I think a lot of ppl don't keep that in mind. Me personally, I use a rego brush to brush my hair through. The Denman brush is okay but for $10 when I can get a brush similar to that and does just as good a job.. I think I'll take the cheaper one LOL!

  8. Hi Key,
    what is a Rego Brush?
    I am glad it works for your hair though and yes we all can't use the same things in our hair. Every one's hair is unique.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment
    Have a nice day!


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