Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Curls Whipped Cream: Update on Review and my Twist and Curls Result

Okay Bellas, I did a review on the Curls Whipped cream back in September. I was not really impressed at the time, however, I have a new love for the product!!!

Since the jar was just sitting on my shelf, I decided to use it for my twist and roll set this past weekend.. Before I even applied it to my hair, I moisturized my hair with  a mix of water, aloe juice and Coconut oil. Then I rolled up my two strand twists with the product. My hair dried soft and very shiny.  It also had a nice hold defining my twist outI could not believe it. I complained before that it did not give my hair any kind of shine. However, as you can see from the pictures, my hair is very shiny, I don't know if it has to do with the mix I had applied to my hair before using this product, but I liked the way my hair came out after using this product

New Review: Moisturizing, gives twists definition, seems to provide lots of shine
Here is a video demonstrating how I styled my hair as pictured above


  1. You hair looks so pretty..with loads of shine :) This has happened to me before as well with other products. Try them once ...not so good. Try them again...great results. I am a true believer that our hair has stages and at different points in that stage is where our hair often times will like a product that it once didnt agree with. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this product with us , Tinuke. Take care.


  2. Your hair looks really nice and soft and healthy. I like how you try new things, it's so easy to stick to one system. But it's how you find out what your hair really likes by experimenting. Well done you. :D

  3. Hi Zainab,
    Thanks so much!!
    I think my hair is just doing so much better. I thank God for that.

  4. Thanks so much Eve. You are right, and I am glad I used this whipped cream for that purpose. Now, I know I do not have to use anything harsher promising stronger hold on my delicate fine hair. This is very gentle and effective!!

  5. nice to see ur trying diff things with ur hair, i love d sheen this product gives it.

  6. u look beautiful hun&I love love ur hair it looks healthy beautiful&shiny,I want it haha!!!! just reminded me to get hair stuff 2mr,thanx

  7. Hey Sharon, can't wait to see how your hair is growing. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Take care Hun.

  8. Hey you look great...Love your hair!!
    Nice blog honey:))


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