Thursday, November 11, 2010

CoilyBella Project 365 #5

Aloe Vera Juice
This is a must have for me. It is very good for acidifying your products, making their pH acidc enough to close the cuticles. It is also a good moisturizer. I use it to prepoo and add it in my spritz and leave in conditioners


  1. Yes ! I am so with you Tinuke. This is a must have for me and my girls hair as well. I use Aloe juice during my entire regimen, except in my QB Amla & olive , and my hair oils. Other then that I use it to pre poo, in my co wash, in my deep conditioners, in my shampoos and clarifyiers my leave in and in my daily spritz. Great, great stuff ! :))

    Thanks for doing this post, take care.


  2. Hi Zainab, I actually added aloe to QB Amla and Heavy Cream the other day and DC with it (no heat) as I did not plan to rinse it out. I love Aloe juice


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