Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Blog address driving me nuts!!!!

Hello Bloggers and readers,
I recently changed my address but it has beena major problem since I did so. I don't think people are getting updates  and links are not working for some reason. I have decided to keep the old address. I am sorry for the confusion. I would hate to lose my readers due to address change


  1. Great! no problem at all. Since the address change I know I could not get the new one to work from my blog. I was so upset, but so happy to hear I can reach you once again from my blog. Take care.


  2. i been having problems trying to access ur blog dear,it says u aint available..glad 2hear from u hun,tk cre&hav a nice wknd

  3. @Zainab and Sharon.. thanks for tring to acess my blog. You ladies are my inspiration. I have decided to keep the old one. I wanted to make the address change for personal reasons but I see that it is not working.

  4. Sorry it's not working, but maybe keep trying or try something different. Gotta be happy with what you're doing :D


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