Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is your hair protein sensitive?

 Update on 6/8/11

I had other issues with my hair(color treated, dryness,porosity, excessive handling, wet styling that could have caused the breakage I thought Giovanni Direct Leave in was responsible for) At the time this post was written, I had no complete understanding of protein sensitivity. It is not equal to breakage but it can cuase breakage. My hair is not protein sensitive. I have discovered a lot about other issues that were making my hair break but protein sensitivity was definitely not one of them, because I am not protein sensitive!!! However, I do know that Aphogee  Treatment is too strong for my hair. I have used protein treatment that have hydrolysed keratin and collagen in them and my hair loves those proteins, because it is porous.

I had initially done a short review on Giovanni leave in conditioner on this product. I was not aware at the time that my hair was protein sensitive, as I was not really paying attention to it.

Well, I decided to use my Giovanni direct Leave in as a base for  my homemade  leave -In.. I used this custom made leave in every other day to moisturize my hair (this is what I usually do with leave ins made with kinky curly Knot today as well).
My hair was dry and brittle when I took my braids out. Prior to putting these set of braids in, I had put in another set and moisturized with  my custom made leave in made with Knot today and my hair was soft and supple and moisturized when I took those braids out.

So I went back to check on the ingredients in Giovanni Leave in again. It has soybean protein, which is really light!!. In my review of this product, I adverted how moisturizing and curl enhancing it is. All that is true about it, but additional frequent application, due to its protein content, is adversely affecting my hair.  I have another conditioner, Curls Ecstasy, which also has soy protein. It is a deep conditioner that I use every two weeks to once a month. I have not noticed any dryness in my hair from using this conditioner. In fact, it has improved the elasticity of my hair. I also do not use it often like I did Giovanni Leave in.

 I made another discovery about my hair, which is the fact that my hair could be protein sensitive. It does tolerate protein to some extent but it cannot be overdone.  Soybean is one of the light ones, and my hair still reacts to it, when it is used too often.


  1. Great and informative post Tinuke. My hair is also protein sensitive I realized this a few months ago when I found I had a bit of protein overload. Because my hair is more on the finer side, I opt to use only light proteins. Soy protein works great for my hair when I use it in my conditioners only. I try not to use any products with any proteins with the exception of conditioners . Soy protein is also a light protein as well and works best with fine haired naturals. I also try to use the conditioners with soy protein listed a little further down on the list of ingredients. I also use the curl ecstasy thanks to your fabulous review :) and love it as you've stated it does in fact contain soy protein. I never, never use any protein with the hydro in front or any wheat proteins at all they tend to be the strongest and to strong for my hair.

    So, glad you caught it in time before it does damage. Thanks for sharing this great post. Take care.


  2. Zianab , thanks again for stopping by. I had no idea about the protein sensitivity. I am learning something new everyday. I never knew about the proteins with hydros in front of them and the wheat protein. I also have fine hair. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I will definitely watch the proteins on products as from now on.


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