Thursday, October 21, 2010

My hair in October 2010


I have not done a very good picture documentation of my hair publicly, so I have decided to start posting monthly pictures and progress on my blog.

I put in these braids in on September 30th, 2010 and kept them for two weeks. I kept them moisturized with my homemade spritz.  Check it out here.

This is what they look like the second week. This picture was taken after I moisturized my hair, hence the frizz.

I put in another set of braids on October 14th, after doing a Henna Treatment.  These were done  smaller. I usually wet them and apply my homemade moisturizer to make the ends curly.

Today, Oct 21st, start of the second week of putting braids in 

I washed them with Curls Cleansing Cream and deep conditioned with my homemade moisturizer
[this one is not a spritz, hence no water. I used  the other ingredients used in my homemade spritz , and more castor oil and coconut oil].

I DID NOT RINSE OUT. It is a leave in conditioner that was used to deep condition.
This picture was before I put on my heat cap

And this is what my hair looks like after deep conditioning with my leave in. They are not plump as the first time I put them in because I did not spritz with the water mix. I will up date with pictures of my hair after I re-moistirize

My hair absorbed all the ingredients. There was no white residue left in my hair. I thought the stuff would be dripping down my neck when I was using the heat cap, but it did not.The braids look frizzy because I washed them,  but I cannot tell you enough, how soft and moisturized my hair is after deep conditioning.
Update on: During the past week , my hair got extremely frizzy, I had to wear a hat to spice things up

I took out my braids today and washed with curls cleansing cream, treated my hair with Roux Porosity Control for strength and DC with Karen Body Beautiful Luscious Mask for moisture. I applied my Leave-In   and left my hair to air dry.


  1. Cool ! Thanks a bunch for sharing this w/ us. Your hair looks great it seems your hair is liking the products you use.

    Take care.


  2. @Sharon and Zainab. Thanks so much ladies!!


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