Saturday, October 16, 2010

Henna for African Hair: A simple and short Pictorial of its application


Hi Ladies,
So  I "hennaed" my hair and I LOVE the result. I had "hennaed" once, about two yrs ago, before I put dye in my hair. I was not consistent as I did not see the color that I wanted. However, Henna on my copper toned dyed hair is fierce!!!! I love it. Besides the color, my hair feels thicker and shinier

I got the Ancient Sunrise "Henna for African Hair", 100mg, from Check my post  on the benefits of Henna .

I like to keep my regimen very simple, so I only added orange juice and a little bit of ACV to mix my Henna. I did not use lemon as it is very acidic.I made the mixture the consistency of  thick yogurt

The mixture was allowed to sit for 5 hours, to release the dye. I was not really interested in the dye release. I was applying henna for the conditioning benefit. But then, I killed two birds with one stone
 My hair had been washed and detangled prior to henna application. For tutorial purposes, the hair should be sectioned and henna should be applied from section to section, however, I did not section my hair as I was in  a hurry (almost time to pick up my son from school). I applied it all on my hair making sure that every strand is covered.
Then I covered my hair with saran wrap and let it sit in my hair for 4 hours. I rinsed off the henna  and followed that with Karen Body Beautiful Luscious Mask. Check out the review.After the final rinse, my hair was left moisturized , thicker and shinier. In addition to that, the colored part of my hair became red- toned. I loved it!!!

This was my hair before henna, post shampoo
and this is my hair post henna
 I am going to be doing regular henna treatment (monthly), for extra conditioning


  1. very pretty! love the color:)). I am scared to henna my hair I'm afraid it may dry my hair out. Once I applied alma powder and it really dried my hair. But, you hair looks fabulous! I have heard of lots of naturals having great results w/ henna. Thanks for sharing your process with us. Take care.


  2. love ur hair..amazing results hun

  3. @ Zainab I am sorry that the henna dried out your hair. I have never had that experience. But just to be sure, tha's why I use a moisturizing deep conditioner follwing henna application

  4. Tinuke, check out my response to your comment and update on the bentonite clay post over at AuNaturale. Take care.


  5. I do really love the color of your hair.


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