Friday, October 1, 2010

Are your combs gentle enough?

The truth is curly/coily hair is extremely  delicate and prone to damage if handled carelessly. That's why it is important to use the right tools when
working on our hair.. Using cheap combs (for example, the 10 in a pack for $5 at the Beauty Supply store) should  be put to rest. Those combs are not seamless and should not be used on our delicate hair. The seams can easily snag on the hair resulting in splits , tangles and damage. It may not happen the first time you use those combs . The hazadous effect of combs with seams can be cumulative. So, all the hard work you put into pampering your hair with dangerous combs would only produce the opposite of the result you so much desire. To protect your hair during wet grooming or detangling (which should be the only time any comb glides through your hair), USE SEAMLESS COMBS. They cost a bit more but they are well worth the prize.

What to look for when purchasing a detangling comb:

  1. If your hair is natural, you  probably already know that using a wide tooth comb to detangle is the way to go.
  2. You want to make sure that the teeth are not too widely spaced. Otherwise, you would be wasting your time "detangling". If the comb's teeth are too widely spaced for your type of hair(for example, thin hair), then the comb cannot really target and remove knots from your hair, because it is easily gliding through the hair as a whole but not detangling. Your shed hair will most likey not comb out either
  3. Most importantly, make sure the comb you are buying is seamless. If it is packaged, read the description. It has to say seamless, Most good combs usually come with descriptions.

I currently have the following listed combs in my possesion. Comb A is the one I really use to detangle my hair. The width between each tooth is the perfect size for my hair. It  glides through easily BUT clearly removes shed hair.

I then follow with Comb B. Don't let the appearance fool you. It is not a fine tooth comb. This, I use, to get the isolated single knot out. Honestly, I do not struggle with knots anymore after discovering this little number. It is so effecient in removing knots very easily. Of course, you still have to be gentle when handling your hair. I also use it to part my hair for braids and remove them as well. This is by far the best comb I have ever owned. Taking out my braids was a breeze due to using this helpful comb. I bought from my local  Sallys Beauty Supply Store 
Comb A
What the Company says:
Silk Elements Olive Oil Wide Tooth Conditioning Comb leaves hair silky smooth, more manageable and tangle free. It is Olive oil and wheat germ infused into the plastic. It glides through hair easily

It has wide-spaced, square teeth that allow the comb to move through hair easily. It's ideal for mid-length, long or thick hair and leaves hair silky smooth, more manageable and tangle free. Prize:$4:00

Comb B

The Ion Silicone Comb Collection is manufactured using silicone micro fiber to produce a comb with finely polished and flawless teeth, allowing the comb to glide smoothly and effortlessly through hair. This comb detangles as it slides through hair and is gentle on both the scalp and hair. Prize:$6:00

This jumbo rake comb is great for combing out wet or dry tangles. Because of its size, the rake comb is useful for longer, thicker hair. Features: rigid material, heat resistant, resistant to hairdressing liquids, and a very low static charge.

This is a good detangling comb for naturals with thick hair. I use the first two teeth sometimes to get a stubborn knot out and it works perfectly. You can purchase this from here

All the combs pictured in this post are gentle and seamless. They are highly recommended.


  1. Great post! very beneficial. I use comb A, it works great. Thanks for sharing this, take care.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Zainab. I love that comb too

  3. I just bought comb a and was wondering how it worked.


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