Thursday, October 28, 2010

Natural Hair care study:Are Roller Sets,Twist outs and Braid outs a protective style?

 I have seen these styles described as a protective style on many natural hair blogs and youtube channels. I just don't really accept them as a protective style.

My definition of protective style is hair tucked away, protected from the outside elements such as sun,wind,rain,snow,etc.

Roller Sets, and the "out"styles do not protect the ends and should not be relied on for length retention. They are however, low manipulation styles, in that, heat is not required to create those styles. They are better choices than blow-drying  or flat-ironing your hair. Personally, I would wear a roller set or out styles for only one day, which is usually when I want to dress up. I do not consider these styles as protective at all but they are low manipulation styles.

If your goal is to retain length, I would advise that you  definitely do more protective styles. Examples of protective styles are Braids, Cornrows, wigs, buns, updos, french braids etc. the ends are definitely protected from the outside elements. I have to zero in on the braids and twists. If you are wearing braid extensions, you are definitely protecting your hair. I, personally, am not a big fan of extensions as they rake out my edges, however, some naturals do not have any problem with it. However,  Braids and twists done without extensions, in my opinion (again, my opinion, based on my experience), are not really protecting the ends. However, if the ends are tucked in, then I can consider them as a protective style.
I have had issues (tangles) with me ends especially with twists, but when I tucked them in, I retained moisture better and experienced less tangles.


  1. Great post! I totally agree . Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Oh yeah, I can see your post from my dashboard.

    Take care.


  2. Hmm... his has got me thinking. I need to find a nice updo style for my hair this winter just in case funds don't allow me to get kinky twist extentions. I think I may have found one in a variation of a fro hawk, and some wigs.

  3. @Zainab No problem Zainab.. I feel so much better being back at my old address. Some things are just meant to

  4. @naturalblackone..thanks for visiting my blog daer. whatever you do hun, just make sure that your ends are protected. You want to reap good results from all the hard work you put into taking care of your hair.

    Take care,


  5. I was thinking that protective styling meant braids, possibly tucked in ends or head covering with scarf, etc. Maybe it's all realative. Some people think colour treated hair doesn't mean being natural. I don't know what's what :D

  6. @Eve.. head covering is definitely protective. I do that most of the winter season. Braids are protective too but just watch your ends. For example, I leave the ends of my braids out because I like them curly, but I am not protecting the ends when I do that, so I must cover my head when outside. I hope that cleared up things up a little bit

  7. I agree. Those aren't protective styles because they don't protect the ends of your hair.

  8. I agree. Your ends are exposed by wearing twist/braidouts

  9. Thanks for stopping by and lending your valued opinion

  10. Thanks for stopping by and lending your valuable opinion.


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