Monday, October 4, 2010

Are all "Protective styles" good for your hair?

Protectives Styles are a great way to keep the length of our hair, prevent split ends and keep moisture in our hair. However, have you had any bad or  a not so great experience with a particular protective style?
In my opinion and based on experience, not all protective styles are protective for a particular hair type. My hair is fine and and porous. It easily tangles and cannot handle stress very well. For a long time, I had no idea that the famous (Which I happen to LOVE) two strand twists are not good for my hair.

Why Two Strand Twists are not favorable to my hair
Putting the twists in is not the issue. However, whenn I take them out, my hair breaks(and this is every time I take out my twists). I was in denial for three years since I love those twists so much. So, every time I put i my favorite protective style, twi strand twists and I take them out, I have breakage. I allowed this to go on for  along time because I just assumed it was normal. But now, that I know it's not true(that it is normal), I have looked into why my hair breaks when I am untwisting despite handling my hair very carefully.

The reason Two Strand Twists break my hair
First of all, the action of twirling one strand around the other one causes my hair to tangle. I tried doing various sizes of twists, and even the big ones that I do when I am detangling my hair, still leave my hair tangled. The only part of my hair that does not tangle are the ends, probably  because they are thinner and looser

Other types of twists that I have tried
Besides the 2 strand twists, I have also done the flat twists. They are good for stretching out the hair and wearing curly styles out (which I am absolutely not doing  at the moment). My hair can handle these better, as they do stretch my hair. When hair is stretched, it is less prone to getting tangled.. I only get tangles from these if I am rushing (rushing to do your hair is not an option).

I am not condemning 2 strand twists. I am just putting it out there that they may not be for everyone. Study your hair to see what it can handle. Just because the whole natural hair community 2 strand twist their hair, does not mean that you have to do it too. However, if you swear by two strand twists, I am happy for you and keep up the good work with your hair.


  1. Hey, two strand twists are heaven for my hair, lately i tried braiding/weaving. they can be good, but if i dont maintain and take of my hair underneath it, it causes major damage. i love the pic you chose too!!

  2. Great post , Tinuke. I just started doing two strand twist only if I want bigger than big hair. I do mine on dry wash n go type hair and make my twist very large on top only and down the center( since the sides and sides of my back are to short)I allow them to sit for a few minutes and take them out this has been working out fine so far so good , oh yea I dont twist all the way to the end. But as for protective styles I do the very same but tuck them after twisting and leave it.

    Thanks for sharing, take care:)


  3. @Tsahi. I know two strand twists are gerat for many people. I love the way they look but cause my hair to tangle. It happened too many times that I have decided to stiop twisting my hair for a while. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. @Zainab. I think tucking those twists in is a good way of keeping the moisture in. I tried that too and my hair was still getting tangled.Thanks for stopping by Zainab.

  5. I am so happy that you shared this information. I, too, think that two strand twist were not the best protective hair style for me because every time I untwist my hair, no matter how careful I was, my snapped out.  I kept thinking I can't be the only one that feels this way.


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