Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taking Control of Acne: The Doctor's Secret

Hi fellow Bloggers,
I have battled with Acne pretty much most of my life. I recently started to use the Proactiv System, which I can confidently
say that it's working!. In this post, I will share some of the"secrets" revealed by the dermertologists that created the Proactiv System.
  • Acne never gives up and you should not
  • It cannot be cured by prescription pills but it can be controlled with the right combo of medicines
  • Your actions( eating certain types of food, failing to wash off makeup) do not cause acne.However stress can trigger it.
  • BUT, In some people,certain foods such as iodine in salt, hormones in meat and milk,high glycemic foods(junk food) can trigger it.
  • Sun Exposure makes acne worse. Use sunscreens that are oil free.
  • Sun Damage is cumulative. You should wear sunscreen with zinc oxide,avobenzone or mexoryl as the active ingredients.
  • Popping your pimples will only cause the bacteria to go deeper into your skin.Place an ice cube on a pimple to reduce the inflammation and follow with your Acne spot treatment
  • To control Acne do not just do spot treatment."By the time a pimple erupts, you're witnessing the finale,not the beginning." By DAILY applying a medicated system for the whole face is how to prevent pimples at the source, which is deep down your pores.


  1. i started using pro active but i am just too lazy to follow through

  2. Hi Chic Therapy. I understand! I have struggles keeping up myself. But you have to be consistent to see if it really works!!


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