Saturday, September 25, 2010

Healthy Ends:Keep Split ends at Bay

I have never liked trimming my hair. I was happy to read in the
"Ultimate  Black Hair Growth"  by Cathy House, that the frequent cutting of the hair does not grow hair. It never made sense to me anyway.
Scientific Fact:
Hair is dead and and therefore  no message can be sent to the brain that cutting the hair should allow growth to occur. Based on this fact, I did not touch my hair (in terms of trimming) for a long time. I have been so obssessed with length to the point that unhealthy ends had to stay. I have also noticed a lot of breakage and less moisture retention due to my porous ends.

 As a reminder for my new blog readers, I colored my hair three times within the duration of one year(April 2009 to April 2010). The hair that I had last year is all gone from breakage.
I finally decided to put obsession with length aside and get my ends healthy. You could see through me ends.

Trimming: I recently put micro braids in my hair, stretched out the ends, and trimmed the pieces that were sticking out.. Unfortunately(or fortunately for my hair), I had to trim a lot of me ends. I had split ends everywhere. I did not do this to make my hair grow faster( "cutting hair grows hair" is a myth), but to make my ends healthier. My hair is so much better. The ends look fuller and they are not as dry as the trimming corrected the porosity of my ends.

Attaining healthy hair:
  • If you are serious about having beautiful long healthy hair, PLS do not color your hair. It is damaging to the hair.If your ends look stringy and are much much thinner than the rest of your hair, that means the outer part(cuticle) is worn off and the cortex which you are now seeing is exposed and not being protected. The only solution to that problem is cutting those stringy ends off.
  • Moisturize Daily:Once your strands are almost equal in size( as I do not believe that they can be of the same length), optimize your moisturizing routine.
  • Product Build up can break hair: A lot of naturals cowash (using conditioner to wash the hair), while this method of cleansing the hair, has it's benefit of keeping the moisturized, it can also result in hair having a lot of build up. I suggest clarifying your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. I use Curls Clarifying Shampoo. I have only used it once, which is why I have not done a review on it. But I will be using it every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Deep Conditioning: always with heat, will open the cuticles allowing the ingredients in your deep treatments to penetrate yor hair shaft. With consistent usage, the hair gradually becomes less prone to split ends and breakage. I use Curls Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner for this purpose. Pls check my review of the conditioner here 
  • Protective Styling: All the effort put into moisturizing  and deep conditioning the hair would only go to waste if the hair is left loose. It must be tucked away, braided, twisted, bunned. Have you noticed that when you leave your hair loose, it tends to get dry, tangled and break. Leaving hair loose consistently produce tangles and split ends, which could have been avoided by putting the hair in protective styles.


  1. Great post! :) love it...I really agree with you 100% as for my hair I must trim however I trim as needed only when needed, because as of now my hair goal is not so much length's the healthy of my hair. I have my hair cut into the style I like. most of my lenght is in the front and top , thats where I like it long...sides and back are cut shorter . When I cut my hair this way I was able to get rid of lots of dead ends...and my hair has done sooooo much better, so I am a believer of end trims.

    I loooove the hair estacy by curls, review comming soon...I want to wait for your review on their clarifying shampoo before I buy it. right now I've been using benoite clay, and washing w/ when needed darcys botanicals conditioner cleansing cream ( great stuff)...but I loooove my co washes , my hair has been keeping great moisture since I stopped shampooing every week. and totally agree with you on keeping moisture and protective styles, although I do wear my hair out in the house 1-2X a week (sometimes):)

    Keep up the great work that you do here, Tinuke, its great:)

    Take care


  2. What a great great post!! I would like to link back to it from my blog, if you don't mind!

  3. @Zainab. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. It is so important to get rid of those split ends and that's my goal now to get my hair to the most healthy state before length comes.

  4. @L.Michele Pls by all means go ahead . The post was made for the purpose of sharing and educating. Thanks for stopping by. Take care

  5. Too much coloring of your hair is one of the main reasons why we damage our hair and when it comes to hair care, my personal stylist at a hair salon- Santa Monica said to color your hair at least once a year and use semi-permanent hair color for it is long lasting, milder and more natural- looking than temporary hair coloring products. Putting too much chemicals on your hair will only make your hair dull, lifeless and may cause a lot of damages to your hair. Color- treated hair needs more maintenance and moisture for it to be healthier and more glamorous.

  6. @Curtis Thanks for stopping by. I made myself very clear in this post that coloring is not the way to go. Did you read the whole post? I made a mistake coloring my hair and now I know better.
    Take care.


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