Sunday, September 19, 2010

The beginning of my journey to being fit

Hi Fellow Bloggers, Like mentioned in my Giveaway posts , I will be sharing information on other aspects of life, besides natural hair care. This is a post I have been trying to share for the longest time.

A little info about me:
 Staying in shape and keeping a health eating habit can be very difficult. I believe that you have to have a strong mind to pursue your goals in life. I am a type of person that stay focused once I know what I am going after. In this case, it's being in shape. As some of you may know, from the pictures I posted on my blog in the past, I have two beautiful children and as a result, have gained extra weight from, being pregnant.

I was always a 125 lb petite woman. Let me clear the fact that I am totally against starving and Anorexia. I eat, in fact, I eat a lot. However,  I do know that you have to keep a certain weight to ensure that your body is healthy.  I have a lot of confidence when I am slimmer and do not have big thighs, legs, and are the areas where I gain weight when I do.

 Making attainable and realistic goals help one reach the goal
I exercise EVERYDAY. I know that sounds like a lot but I am the type of person that has to focus on a goal desired consistently. I am able to exercise everyday as I do not subject myself to gruesome energy sapping physical activities. I did that once and I did not follow through as it was not for me. 

What my exercise Routine is:
A combo of walking and jogging, with or without a stroller.  I have my 20 month old daughter all week long, so once I drop off my 3yr old at school, I take my daughter for a walk. It is usually for an hr. My daughter enjoys this and she even falls asleep at some point during my combo of walking and jogging. So this is what I do during the week, I make sure that I stretch before I leave my home. I walk to the park (takes about 15 minutes), once I get to the entrance of the park, I walk for about 10 minutes and jog for 5 minutes. I follow that sequence for about 30 minutes. Then I reduce the walking duration to 5 minutes. So, In the second half of my exercise, I am walking for 5 minutes and jogging for 5 minutes. I follow that sequence for 30 minutes. My whole exercise period lasts for one hour.During the weekend, it's different as my husband watches the kids while I go exercise. So I do the same thing without the stroller on Saturdays and Sundays. I do not own a jogging stroller but I do have a good one by  Peg Perego. It is very sturdy and feels light while you are jogging with it.

Results from exercising:
I have been breaking out like crazy.LOL. However, I have a seen a reduction in my Acne breakout since I started exercising about two weeks ago. I feel better in terms of my mood. I am not depressed but exercise really improves your emotional well being. And the one you probably are most interested in: I have lost 6 lbs since I started exercising about two weeks ago. 

Side Note:
I have cut out white starches almost completely and do not drink anything but water. Every other day, I  do liquid fast till about 6pm. When I say liquid fast, I am talking about blending all kind of fruit to make a fruit shake. Nothing is added to it but plain water. Trust me, it tastes good!! I drink this a lot all day long when I am doing the liquid fast. It is very good for cleaning out your system. Please KNOW THAT I am doing this to help my tummy go flat. Once I reach that goal, I will stop the liquid fast. I have also cut down on my portions. I eat a lot of small meals and healthy snacks (almonds,walnuts,granola, carrots, apples,oranges,banana) throughout the day.Pictures do say a thousand words. I will be updating you with pictures when I see visible changes.

Last word:
I just want to encourage any woman out there struggling to lose weight for whatever reason. It is possible for you to have a healthy weight for your body type. Choose activities that you know are feasible for you to participate in. It can be as simple as just walking everyday for 30 minutes. Your consistent action will produce the result that you are looking for. But you have to be patient. The weight you put on did not accumulate on you in a day. It will take some time to take it off.

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  1. really, really great post!! thanks so much for sharing this, awesome:)


  2. Zainab, thanks for stopping by and it's a great pleasure sharing this!!

  3. Very inspiring.

    I have been trying to get in shape for the longest. I'm not overweight and I'm actually happy with my size. I would, however, like more muscle and energy.

    Have you noticed any changes in your energy levels?

  4. @nappyheaded back girl Hi Dear, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I do have more stamina and endurance for physical activities. I don't easily get tired anymore due to gaining stamina and endurance.
    Running is great for doing that!
    All the best,


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