Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday Hair:Failed 1st Cinnabun style, Better 2nd try and perfect 3rd try

 I saw this Cinnabun hairstyle on youtube and gave it a try. I did not like it. My hair was frizzy and the cinnabuns were not neat. I put like three rolls in the front which were so hard to pin down as my hair is not long enough in the front..
So I gave the style another try for a date with my hubby, and this is what I came up with for the second time: I added a little hump in the front. I like this one better. Obviously, it is much more neater. I think I knew what I was doing better here.

 So after gaining some confidence, I decided to do the style again for church this past sunday. I added flat twists in the front and at the end  it looked like a Puff Crown( thanks to a fellow youtuber, BrownSugerGuen) that suggested the name.
Here is video tutorial for the look


  1. That's beautiful! Love the addition of flat twists. It's so elegant! I've done the cinnabun style for my daughter and it looked okay, but next time I'll do it with cornrows of flat twists.

  2. I Like...I like. The second try is sharp!
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful styles...Take care.

  3. Thanks Katie, pls post pics of your girls when you try the style

    Zainab, I kind of love that second try too. Thanks 4 stopping by.

  4. Love the style and your hair color--I am still transitioning so my hair is not long enough but one day:-)

  5. @Manecourse Thanks Dear
    @ The Natural Fashionista Thanks Dear. You will get there soon

  6. I love these looks! now that my hair has grown a considerable length, i dont know how to style it. these are very interesting and elegant looks i would love to try! great post!!

  7. I LOVE this style!! It's soo pretty. I like the 2nd and the 3rd equally. I will be giving this a try! Thanks Tinuke!

  8. @Tshai and Eve Thanks Ladies. Pls post some pics when you try this.

  9. I love this look! That hairstyle looks absolutely beautiful on you :) GREAT BLOG!

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