Friday, August 20, 2010

Protective Style: Twist Half Updo

So you guys know that I am seriously on a challenge to protect my hair to retain length.
 This is what I am currently wearing. I put 2 strand twists all over but the right side of my head, where I put about 10 flat twists. My intention is to wear my hair as an updo. Putting the flat twists on the side allows for easier styling of the updo. I flat twisted all the twists from the nape to the crown of my head and tucked the ends in. It took me about one hr to do the whole thing.

Maintenanace. I spritz with oil (castor,coconut and jojoba oil,  a  few drops of peppermint oil) and water. I retwist the front (the hanging twists) if needed.


  1. cute!! I'm putting in mini twists now because like yourself I'm wanting to put my hair in a protective style to retain length

  2. This style is very pretty on you. It looks like it took a lot of hours to do, considering that they aren't braids, but twists. Very cute :D

  3. Thanks Eve and Naturalbeauty. I appreciate your comments


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