Friday, August 6, 2010

Length Retention: So you are protective styling

.......................................................... how protected are those ends?

Protective Styling and Length Retention

Length is achieved by a two phase process: Hair emergence from the scalp and retention of the emerged hair. We have no control over the 1st part as it is an unconscious, biological response to living. Living a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet is helpful and that's about all  the control we have over this phase.

However, achieving length does not stop at hair growth. Length retention requires a conscious effort on our part. Protective styling helps protect  and preserve our emerged hair.
      I have always protected my hair by twisting and braiding, however, I realized that I have to even take it further by tucking my ends in. It is frustrating as I cannot wear flattering styles, but I have to sacrifice wearing cute styles now for attaining longer hair in the near future and continuously. I have to say that my hair has completely stopped breaking since I discovered about water as a moisturizer and tucking those moisturized ends in.


  1. Hi Tinuke!

    I have not been protective styling, I don't have the right shaped head! :D

    I usually wear my hair out and puffy so that I can shape my hair, giving off illusions that my head is round :D

    I've tried the curl and pin style you demonstrated in your video, I love how that looks on me, and it tucks my ends in. Thanks for that!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Eve, I am so glad the tuck and pin works for you.As long as you r hair is being protected from the elements, you are doing great.

  3. une très jolie famille, vous êtes beaux tous les 4

  4. Merci Agnes.Dieu vous bénisse


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