Friday, August 20, 2010


Henna is a green powder from the leaves of Henna plant. Henna  has a red dye molecule that will stain your hair red-orange. I purchase mine from mehandi shop, where Body Art Quality Henna is sold.  Henna is vey conditioninig and it will relax your coils. I have found my hair to be less tangled due to using Henna. It has also thickened my hair as I naturally have thin hair.

Though I have color in my hair, It does not affect my color and I have experienced no bad efefcts from applying Henna on previously colored hair. I have decided to stop coloring my hair as I now want to retain length. I actually decided to start applying Henna again due to it's relaxing property. My hair tends to tangle  a lot and Henna helps combat that problem. My hair is also usualy softer and shinier after my Henna application

Preparing Henna for my  hair: I just add orange Juice till it has a yogurt like consistency. I use orange juice (pH  3.5)  due to my hair being very dry. I don't use lemon juice as  it has a pH of  qbout 2.3, which is too acidic. I let it sit for 12 hrs before I apply it to my hair.  I cover my hair with Saran wrap  and a warm towel. I then let it stay in my hair overnight. Following that, I do a deep conditioner.

How often I use it: I have decided to use this once a month. It's effects last that long, besides I can only go thru the hassle of putting all that "mess" (lol) in my hair, only once  a month.


  1. Great post...I've heard great things about henna. Thanks for sharing, take care.

  2. I didn't know about henna for the hair. I really like your colour.

  3. Yes Eve, Henna gives you red highlights, the color u see in my hair is a permanent dye, which I have absolutely refused to stop putting in my hair

  4. This is good information. My sister asked about where she could get henna so now I have something to tell her.

  5. @I'm Alee, I am glad you find this post useful.


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