Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunday Hair

Sorry about the quality of this picture. I can't really explain why the pics came out like these, anywho, this is what I came up with this past sunday.
I braided my hair and roller set the loose ends. I
will be wearing protective styles a lot as I am on a mission to retain length


  1. Hi Tinuke, that style is very pretty, I could do that once I cut my hair, as of right now all my braids come out in different lengths.

    Has anyone ever told you that you have a terrific shaped head? :D

  2. Oh(blushing) Thanks Eve.

  3. Cute braids. I have been meaning to do some box braids, but every time I start, I realize how much longer its gonna take to finish and I just resort to 2 strand twisting instead. lol But one day I'll do them :)

  4. @Brandiss Iknow what you mean Brandiss.It took me 4hrs to braid my hair recently


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