Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday Hair

Sorry Ladies, this post is late.. I know. I have been extremely busy. I did not do much with my hair this past sunday. I put my hair in about 30 twists and roller set my hair dry. I took out the twists and fluffed my hair. Then I flat twisted the front and secured with a comb.

 I  have noticed that I am experiencing more shedding than normal.. I think it has to do with leaving my hair loose most of the time. So I have decided to take a break on loose styles. I will still try to rock my hair fabulously but you better believe that it will be protected.

Stay blessed and fiercely natural



  1. Wonderful! Your hair looks soooo pretty. I love the coils and the color is fantastic. I would love to have that color.

    I've been noticing my hair falling out, or manybe I've been too rough with it, so I've braided it for a week or two. I put olive oil and water in ever day.

  2. @ Eve. My hair is braided too and I have been using my homemmade leave in to keep my hair mosturized. I am loving the result,less shedding.


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