Friday, June 25, 2010

Styling old Protective style:Braids

Hi Ladies, I have gotten serious about protective styling. I have worn these braids for two weeks. I have been maintaining them by doing a daily spritz of water/oil/giovanni direct/peppermint oil leave in mix. My hair has been loving this mix. My braids got frizzy but the ends were left loose and they got very curly due to the spritz.
Since they got frizzy from the daily spritz, I decided to style them like you see in these pictures. Basically, I used two goody headbands(colors that go, and allowed one inch space between both bands. At the back I let the bands meet  in the middle. I then, used my goody barette to tuck the ends in. Every time I take out the ends from the barette, my ends feel so moist and soft. I have been discouraged in the past to keep styles for more than a week as they get frizzy but I am learning new ways of working with the frizzy hair and still keeping my hair protected.


  1. Really nice protective style. It looks really great, especially with the headbands. I've just left my braids in for two weeks too, and I think it actually grew an inch, but only in certain spots :D I know it feels great when I just leave it and sprits it often.

  2. @ Eve Thanks for stopping by. Yes I have discovered a new way to keep protective styles for a while:accessorize them.

  3. really cute style and looks very nice on you. I almost coundn't even concentrate on the style ....due to looking at your BEAUTIFUL make up....stunning!!!! Your make up is just BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Thanks Zainab. You are too kind!


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