Saturday, June 12, 2010

May Favorites

Again, I am sorry, this post is rather late. But, here are the few items I loved last month

Karen Body Beautiful Bodacous Shampoo:
I love this stuff. It conditions , softens and mosturizes my hair, and let's not forget it's main job, cleaning. My scalp and hair feel thoroughly clean after using this shampoo bar.

How I use it based on the "Grow it process" by Chicoro: I ther a little bit of the soap in water. Then I pour the soapy water over my head and wash my hair. I do not directly put the soap in my hair.

Karen Body Beautiful Luscious Mask:
LOOOOOVE this!. It keeps my hair softened and it lays down my citicles. You know how your hair feels rough sometimes, this conditioner smoothens the surface of the hair. My hair has improved a lot

How I use it based on the"Grow it process" by Chicoro: I have my hair loosely braided from shampooing. Then I take each braided section and apply the conditioner, sliding my hands downward, the same direction as the cuticles, so that they lay down flat. I will do an extensive post on proper condituoning of hair.

Till then,

Stay Fabulous and Fiercely natural,



  1. Thanks for sharing. These are some great products worth looking into.


  2. Yes Hun. Those are highly recommended.

  3. I just folloews u! I love ur products and Im starting my journey as well with dreads. I will be stayin tuned


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