Thursday, June 10, 2010

Love "Natural" Fake Lashes?

Then you might want to try these Ardell Accent Lashes.I am not a big fan of fake lashes. In my opinion, they are just too complicated to deal I could never position my fingers right. But I love the concept. I also love natural  but long lashes. That 's what prompted me to try these babies, Ardell 305 Accent Lashes. I love them. They are so easy to apply, since they only stay on the outer corner of the eyes.  They stay reall close to your natural ones. You could never tell that these were added. I give these  5 stars all the way.They are not overpowering but yet they add a  subtle glamorous completion to one's look.

These are  some of the other versions of the style

You can purchase these from any drugstore but not all the versions are sold at the drugstores. You can purchase here


  1. I love fake eyelashes. Natural and unnatural ones.. But they're too difficult to apply so I don't use them :/ Maybe someday I'll learn.. I hope.

  2. I love them too and I understand what you mean, that's why I made a post about these. These are very easy to apply if you do not want to be bothered with the full length ones

  3. I like lashes ^^
    Can't wait to have more and use more ;)

  4. i love fake eyelashes, and yes i think full eyelashes not look natural. what i always do is cut my fake eyelashes in to small pieces before i use it XD

  5. Can't live without my falsies!!! Try applying with tweezers. They make application extremely easy. :o)

  6. Nice post even tho imma dude lol, I like ur layout it reminds me of a Olay commercial lol keep up da good post .


    pretty plz do follow me:

  7. hey there I just tagged you =)

  8. I always wanted to wear fake lashes but figure my big goofy eyeglasses will cover up the fact that I have short lashes anyway.

  9. @Eve. Hi Dear, I think the lashes will still show through your


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