Thursday, June 17, 2010

Karen Body Beautiful Shammpoo Bar is alkaline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, Ladies, I made a BIG mistake. I assumed this shampoo's pH was at an appropriate level, once I saw that it has ACV in it. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is ridiculously alkaline. Guess what the pH is?....... 14.
In case you are wondering how I tested this, I wet the shampoo bar and placed the pH strip on it, the strip immediately read 14 according to the  resultant colors of the strip. I was so disappointed cause I really liked this shampoo or I thought I did. The immediate result was nice as it made my hair very soft  but I have been noticing a lot of dryness and shedding in my hair. Although, right after  I shampooed my hair with this soap, my hair felt very smooth but days after, my hair felt rough. I thought it was due to not mousturizing my hair enough. This is poison for my hair. As you may know, when your hair is colored, the pH is raised to the alkaline level, that's why I have included Aloe Vera Juice which has a pH of about 4, in my leave in. Using a shampoo with a pH of 14 is practicallty destroying my hair. If you are wondering what I did with the shampoo, I threw it in the garbage can. I am sorry if I misled anyone. I should have completed my research before I raved about the product.


  1. Tinuke,

    No problem... I think the ph strips are the best thing since sliced bread... I mean... really.. if it wasn't for the ph strips ...we would not have much of an idea , what in the world we are putting in our hair. Not, to mention one of the many reasons that women go fully natural is to encourage ...healthy , fabulous hair. And, I sincerely feel that the ph strips can surely aid us in that many more reasons.

    Thanks, so much for testing this bar...I was considering buying a bar. I am in severe need of a new safe ph balanced shampoo...I currently us a black liquid soap little number mixed with a few oils... I have a feeling that this may also be to high in ph for our is a soap, ya know.

    Is there anything ...that you can recommend ?
    Boy....I can't wait to recieve my ph strips, (smiles)

    Soory...for such a long comment.... forgive me. love, love your blog...and please keep up the great are appreciated !

    Take care.

  2. Thanks Zainab. I was absolutely frustrated last night when I realized I have to start all over to do a shampoo search.

    Anywho, I picked up Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo, which I immediately It tested at 7, which means , it is pH balanced. It is absolutely sulfate free. I will be washing my hair in the next 20 minutes or so. Of Course , I have to do about three washes before I do a review. Thanks Zainab for stopping by. BTW, I love your blog too!!

  3. I have only used my shampoo bar once, and I don't remember if the alkalinity made my hair dry or not :(
    I dont have any pH strips, so there's no telling what else I'm using thats bad!

  4. Hey Brandiss, I am sorry about the soap.It is so alkaline!!. Let me know how it's working out for you.


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