Saturday, June 26, 2010

"I will not do this again"

Hello fellow blog readers,

I have decided to even take my hair journey documentation to another level. I realize that documentation serves as a reminder of what I need to do or not do with my hair. I will be starting this new series of "I will not do this again" to remind myself of the hazardous practices that need to be let go, to keep my hair healthy and damage at bay.

The first one of my new series is: I will not take out my braids while they are wet as my hair is at it's weakest state when wet, and can easily get damaged. The bonds and the links in hair are what gives hair strength and when hair is wet, these bonds are broken temporarily until the hair is dry.

How do I avoid this damaging mistake? By being mindful of the fact that my hair has to be HANDLED WITH CARE when it's wet. Taking braids out while they are wet, is NOT handling my hair with care.  The key to making the process of  "taking braids out" easy is to keep the braids moisturized long before "take out",  up to the point when they are being taken out. The reason for this, is to avoid unnecessary spritzing, meant for "softening" the braids to make the "take out" easier. In other words, your braids should already be soft at the time they are being taken out, so there would not be any need for spritzing them to make them soft and easy to take out. Contrary to popular belief  (there are even products sold to make the process of taking out braids "easier"), that braids should be moisturized and kept moist with some sort of liquid product to get them out easily, braids should not be wet and moist while they are being taken out because of the bonds in hair that get broken while hair is wet. And broken bonds lead to damaged hair.

I took out my braids about 8 hrs ago. Before I did, I spritzed my braids  thinking that would make the process easier. I was so WRONG!!!. The first section that I took out, got tangled and some of my hair broke off. This was especially damaging as I had very small braids and my hair was wet at the same time. Once I saw what wetting the braids did to that section of my hair, I decided to let the rest of  my hair completely dry before I proceeded to taking the rest of the braids out. From this point on, I experienced no tangling at all. The braids were soft and easy to take out. 

Lesson Learned: Before I take out my braids or twists,
 moisturize them and let my hair completely dry
then take out the braids.


  1. You are 100% correct ...and thanks for the reminder. Take care.

  2. I cringed when I read this! I really need to be more cautious when my hair is wet. Thanks for the warning!


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