Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday Hair: "Flat Twisted front, Rolled and tucked back" Mohawk

Hi Bellas,  I was inspired to do this look that I saw in Curlynikki's Website. The original style did not have flat twist in the front, I just decided to put my own spin to it.

As always I washed and conditioned my hair, mosturized as I was styling my hair. I really wanted my hair to be mosturized since I was going to be using a lot of pins.

 I did not get the result that I wanted, The section being rolled, in my opinion, was too big. I think I should have divided each section into two parts.

I also did another version of the style. Here,

before rolling each section, I two stranded it, and then rolled and tucked. This was much neater than the "simply roll and tuck" method. It also did not have flat twists in the front. However,  the style looked too flat, the style is supposed to be puffy looking.


 So, which one do you prefer, I picked the first one pictured below, with the flat twist. That's what I wore to church on Sunday. I think it could look better. It was my first time wearing this hair style.


  1. i love it! i wish i was better at styling my own hair, right now i have to get it styled by others. oh btw your makeup looks great too!!

  2. I too have been wanting to do that rolled fro-hawk every since I saw it on CN last week, I just haven't taken the time to do it! Yours looks great, both of them are very nice, but your makeup..honey chile, your makeup is FIERCE!!!!

    I actually like the style without the flat twists in the front more, it's more coifed.

    I think it's funny that you try new styles for church b/c I too am my most daring on Sunday mornings! Hallelujah anyhow! LOL

  3. Thanks Ladies
    @ L.Michelle I hardly go anywhere else, so I release my bottled up Fierce "Divaness" on sundays...LOL

  4. I like both style, the second is very sophisticated, and the first one is sophisticated but funky at the same time

  5. Thats really creative! And the makeup look is on point.

  6. nice hair and makeup! :)


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