Monday, May 31, 2010

Update :KBB Bodacious Shampoo Bar

What Karen says: Nourishes and hydrates extra dry or curly hair that craves moisture. Perfect for coily, curly or kinky textures.
This shampoo bar will last through many shampoos!

Ingredients of Juicy Bar:

Purified Water, Saponified Olive, Coconut and Safflower Oils, Jojoba Oil, Shikakai & Amla Herbs, Apple Cider Vinegar & Panthenol

Before I tested the pH
What I say: I love "cleaning" bars. This one is my favorite out of all the shampoo bars I have used. First, Let's zero in on the ingredients. Look at all those oils. Those are neceassary for conditioning and mosturizing. Amla Herbs and Shikakai are growth promoting. And we all know panthenol gives the hair body. Can you top that, for a shampoo?. I can't. I love this stuff. It conditions , softens and mosturizes my hair, and let's not forget it's main job, cleaning. My scalp and hair feel thoroughly clean after using this shampoo bar. My only critique is that the bar is too small for $12. It is not sold the way it is pictured. You only get one for $12 plus you have to order  online

After, I tested the pH, OMG, this soap tested at 14!!!!!!!!!!!. Do you know how ridiculous that is?. I have been putting poison in my hair. It is in the garbage now. I am sorry for misleading anyone. I was careless as I just assumed the pH  would be right due to the apple cider Vinegar in the soap(ACV is acidic). Thanks to a lady that stopped by to read my blog and asked about the pH of this soap, I probabaly would still be using it. I have noticed some shedding lately but I thought it was due to not mosturizing my hair enough and too much manipulation of my hair. There, you have it, I would not buy again. It is extremely damaging to my hair!!


  1. Can I wash my hair after the treatment, and when?

  2. Wow, do you know this is the first time I'm ever seeing a shampoo bar. I'm at this blog to stay!

    Thanks for visiting me at
    I'm newly natural and can use all the help I can get! Your blog is awesome!!! :D

  3. Hi my dear I love it your post. very very important :D May you pass in my blog my dear?!

    Just a little problem... It is in portuguese xoxoxoxoxoo but anyway, See ya baby

  4. @Eve, thanks Hun.. Welcome to my blog!!. Yes that shampoo bar is awesome

    @Dika Fashion, thanks for stopping by, I will check yours too.

    @Every, after what treatment?

  5. Hi,

    I am new to your blog and let me say it is fabulous!!!!

    I was wondering if you could recommend a shampoo that is safe with the proper ph balance for natural hair. I am waiting for my ph srtips to arrive ...but until then I would like to change what I am currently using for fear it may just be to harsh.

    lastly, would you happen to know the ph of the shampoo bar mentioned above addition to any others that you may be familiar with.

    Keep up the great work ! ( smiles)

    Thank you

  6. Hey Ladies, I am so grateful for my blog followers as your questions force tme to do a better job at gathering ffactual info about hair care and products. Sanyea, thanks for asking about the pH. I never tested the pH as I assumed that the apple cder vinegar in the product would make the pH right. To my utmost dismay, after rubbing my pH strip on the soap, it tested(immediately) at 14!!!!. My hair has been dry lately, I thought it had to do with not mosturizing my hair enough. I do not want to mislead anyone, this product is definitely garbage to me now. I will update my post about it.


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