Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coilybella Blog Giveaway:CLOSED

Hola Chicas, I am absolutely happy to announce my 1st Blog Giveaway.I appreciate those of you that are following my humble hair blog. This Giveaway/Contest will begin today, May 5th and end June 5th, 2010. There will be only one winner, who will be picked  by using The contest is open internationally. Good Luck. I also have another givaway on my makeup blog Fierce Beauty. Pls check it out.

The gift is featuring KarenBody Beautiful's Essential:

Luscious Locks Moisturizing Hair Mask  and

Karen's Body Beautiful
Bodacious Beauty (Shampoo) Bar
Goody Ouchless Barette
Banana Clips

Here are the Rules for the Giveaway:
  • Must  be a follower of my blog Coilybella
  • Must be subscribed to my hair channel  atinawaya and tell me your youtube username
  • Must leave a comment telling me how you love your natural hair

For two additional entries
For two additional entries
  • put this Givaway post on your sidebar if you have a blog and link it back to my blog
  • Tweet about it and let me know the link to your tweet
You have 5 chances of winning. Good Luck


  1. 2Loveis2BLove on youtube. How I love my natural hair? I use the best moisturizing and conditioning products I know of to keep it having the quality I love most about it - VERSATILITY. :0) Thanks for the contest and the blog :0)

  2. Hey i am now a follower of this blog! I love my natural hair because it's all me and i have so many options of styling! I'm also a follower of your other blog! (Fierce Beauty)

  3. Hi, I am a sub. to both of your channels on youtube(I'm 07cw23569). I love my natural hair and being natural because it makes me feel like the real me, if that makes any sense. When I had relaxed hair and wore extensions I felt like I was a perpetuation of someone other than myself.On the days when I didn't have a relaxer I wouldn't go anywhere; even to the store. I was basically a slave to image; not even to the relaxers or extensions. I'd been raised with the belief that to have straight and long hair meant you were beautiful and desirable.There was an image that I had to display and for 19 years thats how I lived my life.Then I began to be unhappy because the more I would try to look like someone else the more I began to feel distanced from the true me.Then June of 2009 I came across a video of a natural woman on youtube, and I saw in her eyes the feeling that I had been longing for, which was self beauty and freedom; I was instantly inspired.So I went in my bathroom,looked in the mirror, grabbed my scissors and chopped ALL my hair off. The feeling was indescribable! Now approaching a year of being natural I feel beautiful and all me!

  4. I am new a follower of this blog! (nastjanastja)

    I'm a subscriber of your hair channel atinawaya (youtube username NastjaName )

    I use the best hair products ;shampoo, conditioner, masque,treatment serum.

    I'm a subscriber of your makeup channel expressivemakeup (youtube username NastjaName )

    I am a follower of your other blog Fierce Beauty! (nastjanastja)


  5. I love natural hair because.... it is so FAB! I love seeing women who take pride in their own hair and take good care of it. I can always tell a sista who loves her hair. Natural hair makes me happy!

  6. I followed your other blog and youtube (humblechick3000 and Amanda Hawkins)

  7. I followed your other blog and channel (humblechick3000 and Amanda Hawkins)

  8. Hi! I'm following your two blogs (N.) and I'm subscriber of your two channels of youtube (TheMakeupcake)

    Some time ago, changed the color of my natural hair (dark blonde) to black. Since I have very white skin and light green eyes, I thought I would take away that look so sweet and childlike. But now I'm very happy with my hair, I really think is the best of my natural color. Furthermore, as is hilly, goes very well with my type of face.

    Bye, thank u!

  9. my name is yolanda and im subbed to both of your channels and im following both of your blogs my youtube username is justbeingyo. im just getting to know my natural hair and we are becoming the best of freinds lol it started out rough at first and i must admit i gave up acou;e of times but i have made a commit to stick with it this time.
    im also following you on twitter this is my link:

  10. Hi!
    I'm following your blog and your YT channel (Lucianittaaa)
    I use lots of treatment serum :)
    I'm following your other blog and YT channel!
    I tweeted

  11. I love my natural hair because it's the hair God intended for me to have. I am a follower on youtube (username: thesoulfulsista).

  12. I love my natural hair because it is extremely versatile and it allows me to be creative. It makes me stand out and I don't look like every other person on the street! My youtube username is dearheart15. Thanks!!!

  13. -I'm following both of your blogs (Brandiss).

    -I'm subscribed to both of your YT channels; screen name is zionismyinspiration

    -I love my natural hair because I now listen to its needs. I give it the best treatment and feed it with the best products. In return it shows me love by being my crowning glory. I stand out from the crowd and my hair puts a smile on my face :)

    -I posted it on my blog. Here ->

    -And I'm still new to twitter so I'm not fully certain on how to use it. I "tweeted" it. My screen name on there is @MissEightySeven

  14. Thanks to everyone who entered my contest. It is now officilally closed. I will be announcing the winner sometime today, June 6th. Pls stay tuned .

  15. Congrats Brandiss, You are the lucky winner of my 1st blog giveaway. Email ur info to me at


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